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  1. Free Flood Sensor With All NEW Room Alert 32E / 12E / 12ER Monitors

    AVTECH Room Alert Flood Sensor Offer

    From 1st May 2019 through to 30th June 2019, purchase a Room Alert 32E, Room Alert 12E / 12ER and receive a 24' Flood Sensor with Cable for FREE!

  2. AVTECH Announce Next Generation Temperature & Humidity Sensor

    Improved AVTECH Temperature / Relative Humidity Sensor

    AVTECH have just introduced a next generation Digital Temperature & Humidity Sensor, with a newly redesigned and improved enclosure cap. The newly designed sensor started shipping 7.5m length orders on 7th December 2018. Longer length sensors will follow in the new year.

  3. Announcing RoomAlert.com Lifetime Subscriptions

    RoomAlert.com Dashboard

    RoomAlert.com has introduced AVTECH customers to the many benefits of a cloud based solution, like reduced configuration effort, seemless alerting and reduced backup burden. It has introduced one new problem: renewal anxiety. With the introduction of RoomAlert.com Lifetime Subscriptions you only need to buy a single lifetime subscription instead of having to renew every year.

  4. AVTECH announce introduction of Monitor360 technology to RoomAlert.com

    AVTECH Monitor360

    AVTECH are introducing their new Monitor360 technology to your RoomAlert.com account on the Professional and Enterprise tiers.

  5. Announcing Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi Firmware Version 2.0

    AVTECH Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi Screens

    The Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi was always a cloud focused product. Data logging and alerting were done in the cloud. Now with the new version 2.0 firmware, you can alert using your Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi without requiring the RoomAlert.com service. The best part is that you don't need any new hardware for this change. You can install this firmware on all of your existing Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi monitors you already own giving even better value for money for your investment.

  6. New AVTECH Shielded Temperature / Humidity Sensor

    AVTECH Shielded Temperature Sensor

    AVTECH Software have announced the immediate availability of a new shielded version of their combined temperature and relative humidity sensor. The shielded sensor is designed for use in environments with electrical noise that may hinder the operation of a sensor without shielded cabling. The new sensor is available in 7.5m, 15m and 30m lengths.

  7. AVTECH News March 2018

    Digital Active Power Sensor

    All of the recent AVTECH Software news condensed into a single handy post for March.

  8. GoToMyDevices Migrates to RoomAlert.com

    On the 15th December 2017 the GoToMyDevices platform will migrate to RoomAlert.com.

  9. End of Life for the AVTECH Room Alert 32W

    AVTECH Software have announced the retirement of the Room Alert 32W zigbee based wireless environmental monitor product. With the increasing quality and reliability of Wi-Fi based networks, a zigbee based product is not required anymore.

  10. Introducing Dew Point in Room Alert

    Introducing Dew Point in Room Alert

    AVTECH are rolling out a new firmware update for their Room Alert range of environment monitors with the dew point calculation built-in.


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