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  1. Aviosys Announce New Two Port Power Switch

    Aviosys 9828 IP Power Switch

    Aviosys have announced a new two port power switch with a small footprint and built-in wall mounting bracket.

  2. Introducing the Aviosys IP Power 9858SP

    Introducing the Aviosys IP Power 9858SP

    OPENXTRA are pleased to announce the availability of the Aviosys IP Power 9858SP ethernet and Wi-Fi enabled 4 port power switch.

  3. New Aviosys IP Power IP9850 In Stock

    Aviosys IP Power 9850 Front

    The new Aviosys IP Power 9850 units are now available from stock.

  4. Announcing the Aviosys IP Power IP9850

    We are pleased to announce that the new Aviosys IP Power IP9850UK and EU variants will be ex-stock from the 5 March 2018.

  5. End of Life for the Aviosys IP Power IP9258UK

    After ten years Aviosys have announced the end of life of the Aviosys IP Power 9258UK power switch. The final batch of 9258UK units was received last week and we've sold out of them already.

  6. NEW Aviosys 4 Port IP Power Switch with WiFi

    Announcing a new 4 port power switch from Aviosys with WiFi is now in stock. Improved hardware and software, supports control by smartphone.

  7. Free Android Application for controlling your Aviosys Power Switches

    The developer of IP Power Pro announced on January 2nd the availability of IP Power Lite a free, cut down version of their excellent Aviosys Android application.

  8. Aviosys 8 Port IP Power Switch 9820 with WiFi

    Aviosys 8 Port IP Power Switch 9820 with WiFi

    The new AVIOSYS IP9820 8 port Wifi IP Power Switch is now available. Despite an improved design, higher power rating and WiFi support, advanced manufacturing techniques mean that the new unit is more sophisticated and still costs less than the PRO unit that it replaces.

  9. Announcing the Aviosys IP Power 9820

    We are excited to announce that Aviosys are introducing a new model IP Power 9820 to replace the old IP Power 9258 Pro in March, with a range of more powerful features. Looks like a really good product upgrade from Aviosys.

  10. Control your Aviosys power switches on the move

    The Power IP app gives you access and control of your Aviosys power switches from anywhere you can use your Android based phone or tablet. A wide range of Aviosys power switches are supported including the 9258S9258SPand 9255 models.


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