Room Alert 3e vs 3s

Room Alert 3e vs 3s

What is the difference between a Room Alert 3e and a Room Alert 3s? The products look the same but there are quite a few differences under the hood.

The Room Alert 3E was first released by AVTECH Software all the way back in October 2012. I remember it well. The afterglow of the London Olympics hadn't yet worn off and AVTECH release what was to become their biggest selling environment monitor.

The Room Alert 3S has the same form factor as the Room Alert 3E and supports the same number and types of sensors but has been upgraded substantially to support encrypted communications. The Room Alert 3E does not encrypt the traffic on the network meaning that somebody with a network sniffer would be able to read the traffic without any problems. This is especially unhelpful when traffic is sent to the cloud service.

Thankfully, the Room Alert 3S solves the potential security problems by encoding the network traffic using industrial grade encryption. Now the traffic cannot be easily snooped upon either inside your network or outside of it. This helps because a lot of web browsers are becoming much more picky about browsing to unencrypted web pages. And understandably so.

Room Alert 3S vs 3E Feature Summary

  Room Alert 3E Room Alert 3S
Warranty One Year Three Years
Mounting Wall Wall
Network Ethernet Ethernet
Power over Ethernet (PoE)
Digital Sensors Digital sensor ports only support connecting digital sensors. Digital sensors measure within a range of values, like a temperature range. 1 1
Switch Sensors Switch sensor ports only support connecting switch sensors. Switch sensors only measure one of two states, the normal state and the alarm state. Take the smoke sensor as an example, it has a normal state which indicates no significant smoke is present and an alarm state that indicates that a significant amount of smoke is present perhaps indicating a fire. 1 1
Analog Sensors Analog sensors provide values as voltages between 0-5VDC. Common analog sensors include current loops and extreme high and low temperature sensors. The Room Alert 3 WiFi and Room Alert 3E do not support analog sensors, but you can buy the Digital Temperature & Analog Sensor to add support at the cost of one of your digital sensor ports. 0 0
Light Tower & Relay PortsA port for connecting a Light Tower to your Room Alert. There are two port types. The Room Alert 4E / 4ER has a six terminal port to plug in the AVTECH External Light Tower. The Room Alert 12E, 12ER, 32E and 32W all have RJ11 connectors dedicated to the light tower. But the light tower must be the model with the built-in light tower adapter. The Room Alert 3E also supports the light tower but does not have a dedicated port. You must use one of your digital sensor ports to connect the light tower. 0 [1] 0 [1]
Relay Output PortsTwo pin port (0.3A@125VAC / 1A@24VDC) for connecting an output relay to your Room Alert. 0 0
Built-in Sensors Temperature Temperature
Supplied External Sensors None None
Secure HTTPS
Secure Email Alerts
Secure connector
SNMP Support SNMP v1 SNMP v1
SNMP v2c

[1] A Light Tower can be connected to the Room Alert 3E & Room Alert 3S using a Light Tower Adapter. On the Room Alert 3E and 3S you need to use one of the digital sensor ports. You can buy a light tower with integrated light tower adapter for use with the Room Alert 3E and 3S.


The Room Alert 3S is an excellent addition to the Room Alert family using the same form factor as the Room Alert 3E but with the addition of industrial grade network encryption.

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