1. Holiday Opening Hours

    Just a short note to wish all of our customers a Merry Christmas and Happy New year as well as outline the office opening hours over the holiday season.

  2. GoToMyDevices Migrates to

    On the 15th December 2017 the GoToMyDevices platform will migrate to

  3. End of Life for the AVTECH Room Alert 32W

    AVTECH Software have announced the retirement of the Room Alert 32W zigbee based wireless environmental monitor product. With the increasing quality and reliability of Wi-Fi based networks, a zigbee based product is not required anymore.

  4. End of Life for the Aviosys IP Power IP9258UK

    End of Life for the Aviosys IP Power IP9258UK

    After ten years Aviosys have announced the end of life of the Aviosys IP Power 9258UK power switch. The final batch of 9258UK units was received last week and we've sold out of them already.

  5. Announcing the AKCP Programmable LCD Display

    Announcing the AKCP Programmable LCD Display

    The AKCP LCD Display features a high quality, backlit, display and includes a free built in temperature sensor. The display connects to any sensorProbe+ device, via the intelligent sensor port, and can be programmed to show the reading and status of any AKCP sensor connected to the sensorProbe+.

  6. Introducing Dew Point in Room Alert

    Introducing Dew Point in Room Alert

    AVTECH are rolling out a new firmware update for their Room Alert range of environment monitors with the dew point calculation built-in.

  7. AVTECH Firmware Updates September 2017

    New releases of AVTECH Room Alert firmware for the Room Alert 3E, the Room Alert 4E / 4ER, Room Alert 12E / 12ER and the Room Alert 32W. Read more...
  8. New EU VAT Free Shopping

    Business customers with a valid VAT number can now shop VAT free when the goods are sent outside of the United Kingdom.

  9. New AVTECH Software Active Power Sensor

    AVTECH have introduced an innovative new sensor, the Active Power Sensor designed to improve your monitoring of power to all of your devices, including air conditioning, network switches, telephone PBX etc. anything that has a power cord and runs on AC can be monitored.

  10. AKCP News August 2017

    AKCP have made some improvements to the temperature sensor product line (TMP00, DCT00, TMS), with a new style box. All temperature sensors will ship with this new enclosure starting 15th September 2017. Dual sensors with temperature and humidity will follow in this new style enclosure by second quarter 2018.


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