New EU VAT Free Shopping

New EU VAT Free Shopping

Business customers with a valid VAT number can now shop VAT free when the goods are sent outside of the United Kingdom.

A lot of customers have asked us since the new website went live last November whether they could shop VAT free. The answer was a very reluctant no until yesterday. Now our EU customers outside of the United Kingdom can shop on this website without paying VAT.

There are a however a number of provisos:

  • You must supply a valid VAT number. And I don't just mean that the VAT number has to have the correct number of characters or have a valid country code. The VAT number is checked against the VAT Information Exchange System or VIES web validation service;
  • The goods must be shipped to an address outside of the UK.

In addition to the automated VAT number validation, we also undertake a manual validation step prior to shipping the order to ensure that the VAT number relates to the business doing the ordering. Attempts to game the shop will result in the order being voided and all customer accounts closed.

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