New AVTECH Software Active Power Sensor

New AVTECH Software Active Power Sensor

AVTECH have introduced an innovative new sensor, the Active Power Sensor designed to improve your monitoring of power to all of your devices, including air conditioning, network switches, telephone PBX etc. anything that has a power cord and runs on AC can be monitored.

The Digital Active Power Sensor allows you to monitor the power status of any device. That's right - ANY device. Servers, switches, firewalls, HVAC units, phone systems, coolers, freezers, water pumps... anything that has a power cord and runs on AC can be monitored.

Active Power Sensor Front

Even better, you can install the Active Power Sensor in a matter of seconds. There's no need to physically modify a power cord to isolate conductors, hire an electrician, or power down a critical device to plug in a separate monitor.

In addition to monitoring power, each Active Power Sensor has a built-in temperature sensor. This makes the new Active Power Sensor the perfect solution to get immediate status of servers and network devices, helping you get notification of potential outage-causing issues before they happen.

Active Power Sensor with Power Cord

Small footprint for installation anywhere

The Active Power Sensor's small size allows you to unobtrusively monitor power in hard to reach or tight spaces. This is especially beneficial for monitoring servers in racks and cabinets, or critical hardware housed in small IT closets.

Active Power Sensor deployed in a Cabinet

The Active Power Sensor is compatible with all current Room Alert monitors, and offers quick visual confirmation of power status via a small status light on the outside of the sensor. A green light means power is on, and a red light means power is off.

Introductory Offer - Buy Two, Get One FREE

Don't forget, this promotion is only valid up until 31st October 2017, and we're confident you'll see immediate benefits from the Active Power Sensor in your data center, server room, IT closet, or anywhere else you have critical equipment that needs to be up and running 24x7!

The Active Power Sensor will begin shipping on 15 September 2017 is now available here.

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