A tour around the Modbus features of the AKCP sensorProbeX+

A tour around the Modbus features of the AKCP sensorProbeX+

A tour around the new Modbus features of the new AKCP sensorProbeX+ server room monitor. The sensorProbeX+ can both act as client or server using either RS-485 or Modbus TCP/IP.

The AKCP sensorProbeX+ is able to act as a Modbus gateway either modbus to SNMP or modbus to TCP/IP and monitor any modbus device on your network.

The SPX+ can act either as a modbus client or server.

Modbus Client

The SPX+ can monitor up to 32 modbus values over TCP/IP or RS485.

Modbus Server

The SPX+ can monitor up to 150 sensor values can be polled and mapped. 

Modbus Functionality

The modbus data can be viewed via the SPX+ embedded web server and using the AKCP AKCess Pro server software, available for free when purchasing an AKCP environment monitoring product, as well as using a number of third party monitoring tools like Nagios, Solarwinds, HP OpenView and OpenNMS.

You can define custom thresholds for your alerts and send alert nofifications via email, SMS texts and SNMP traps.

About the SPX+

The SPX+ is a highly configurable environmental monitor manufactured by AKCP. You only pay for the features you need. The SPX+ can also be mounted on a DIN rail or in a rack.

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