Introducing the AKCP power+ series

Introducing the AKCP power+ series

AKCP have recently announced a major new product line the Smart Power Controller and Power Strip. Both combine to provide a highly configurable and flexible cabinet power solutions including optional environmental monitoring and security functionality.

AKCP have introduced a new range of data center power management products. The power+ range includes both the Smart Power Controller (SPC+) range of smart power controllers and the Power Strip+ (PS+) range of power strips. AKCP is also bringing out a range of power distribution products soon.

Power Stip+ are basic power strips for computer cabinets that can be used as a standalone power strip, or combined together with an SPC+ unit to form an intelligent power distribution system. Available in 16 and 32 Amp versions as well as a choice of power outlets such as C13, C19, locking, non locking and NEMA.

The Smart Power Controller (SPC+) add connectivity and management capabilities to the PS+ range of power strips as well as optional environmental monitoring and physical security capabilities.

If you would like to know more about the AKCP power+ range, please get in touch.

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