Introducing AVTECH Room Alert Manager

Introducing AVTECH Room Alert Manager

Room Alert Manager is an all-in-one software solution for the discovery, monitoring, alerting, logging and graphing of AVTECH environment monitoring products. Room Alert Manager replaces the now obsolete AVTECH Device ManageR software.

Room Alert Manager is the perfect software platform for AVTECH’s Room Alert products, making it easy for you to manage multiple Room Alert devices to monitor and document environment conditions, improve reliability, and decrease unplanned downtime as part of your business continuity plan.

Many powerful features have been implemented that allow you to send alert notifications when issues or events are detected by your Room Alert monitors and sensors. Room Alert Manager gives you unlimited alerting of customizable alert notifications to individuals and groups. It also allows for Actions on Alert/Alert clear conditions such as toggling Light Tower LEDs, Send Web URL requests and the like. All this is possible through a single local software installation, with no rules and no agents.

Room Alert Manager runs as a Windows Service and will continuously and automatically discover Room Alert devices on your network and display multiple units through a single IP address. Multi-level user access is available through the Room Alert Manager web interface, accessible from anywhere with a web browser.

Ideal for managing multiple deployments or a single unit, Room Alert Manager also allows you to take automatic actions to resolve issues, automatically log sensor data in an embedded SQL database for one click export, view graphed data over a user-specified amount of time with the ability to toggle between graph and sensor displays, monitor alert status for multiple units, set monitoring thresholds, set multiple IP addresses, securely update firmware and much more. Users can categorise devices based on their own custom criteria, so users can group devices by type, location, or any other metric that allows for easier device management.

For customers with a large number of devices wishing to convert over to AVTECH Room Alert Manager, please read How To Use The Device-ManageR-to-Room-Alert-Manager Import Tool.

Room Alert Manager is available free for all customers on the Professional tier or higher of Room Account. Simply log in to your account and click Downloads for a link to the software.