Announcing version 2.0

Announcing version 2.0

AVTECH Software have announced the release of a brand new version of their cloud based service for monitoring, reporting and alerting your enivronmental data.

Improved Alert Interface Improved Alert InterfaceThe new Alerts screen gives you a quick overview of the status of your alerts. Currently active alerts are displayed in red to draw your immediate attention, all alert values will be displayed, and alerts triggering actions will be easily noted. The new design creates an Alert Dashboard that makes it easy to see and review the alerts giving maximum priority to the most urgent alerts.

You can now keep your Alert Dashboard open in a browser window all of the time and see instantly when an alert goes into alarm state, or moves into a cleared state.

Built-in Camera Support Camera IntegrationYour Axis cameras are now be able to push status information and images captured from motion detection directly to Custom firmware for Axis cameras is available for customers with Professional or higher subscription to enable the integration. You will now get immediate visual confirmation of motion alerts and the ability to view a snapshot of your facilities for security purposes when motion is detected.

Now you can monitor the status of your Axis network cameras as easily as you can monitor your Room Alert monitors, all with

Enhanced Alert Functionality

You have requested enhancements to the alert functionality the most. Since many of you have been using to alert multiple users and departments, you want the ability to have more control over how alerts were sent, who they were sent to, and what the messages looked like. now supports multiple alert recipients, alert customisation and improved alert notification. New Alert Notifications

  • Multiple Alert Recipients – You can now send your alert notifications multiple email addresses. This will help entire teams or support groups get instant notification when an alert is triggered. Alerts can also be configured in a rolling format; after one alert is sent to an individual, an alert can then be sent to a second individual after a specified amount of time has elapsed, and continue until the alert is cleared;
  • Alert Customization – 2.0 allows users to customize the alert message that is sent from by modifying the subject and body of the message, and even include substitution keywords that are replaced dynamically when the message is sent. In addition, each triggered alert will have a Notes section which will allow users to enter short notes in regards to what triggered the alert, or what follow up action was taken, for future reference. Users will now also have the ability to customize their alerts to be sent in their own local language as well;
  • Alert Silencing – You will be able to silence any ongoing alerts by acknowledging them. This will stop repeated notifications while leaving the alert active within Combined with the new Notes field, this allows a team to more easily manage alert response by acknowledging that an alert is being handled and include notes about the response plan;
  • Improved Alert Notification – 2.0 has improved text message support for users, as well as HTTP push alert actions (for integrating with third party systems);
  • Alert Testing – When you create a new alert in, you can send a test message to each recipient. This will ensure correct delivery to everyone if and when that alert is triggered in the future. This one quick test will eliminate missed or incorrectly sent messages to alert recipients by making sure email addresses and SMS numbers are correct.

Advanced Plugins Now FREE on Professional Plan users who upgrade to the Professional plan will now receive access to all Plugins for Device ManageR free of charge.

That’s right! Upgrading to Professional not only gets you the amazing enhanced features above, it also gives you a software bundle valued at $400 absolutely free! Bundled plugins will allow you to use Device ManageR to shutdown, reboot or logoff Windows and Linux systems, send dialout alerts via voice modem, and even send text message via GSM modem, all for no additional cost when you’re running Professional.

All of the above new and enhanced features are now available to customers on the Professional or Enterprise level of GoToMyDevices. Customers who are currently on the Lite or Personal levels will continue with the existing Alerts functionality currently available within, however they will not have access to the higher level of monitoring & alerting capabilities.

If you are currently using to monitor Room Alert on the Lite or Personal levels, and you’d like to take advantage of the newly released enhanced features, all you need to do is log into your account and click the ‘Upgrade’ button for Professional or Enterprise to get immediate access to the new features. That’s it! Upgrading to take advantage of all of the new and enhanced features only takes a few seconds, right from within your account.

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