Buy 3 AVTECH Sensors or Accessories, Get 1 Free until 30th November 2018!

Buy 3 AVTECH Sensors or Accessories, Get 1 Free until 30th November 2018!

As part of AVTECH Software's ongoing 30 anniversary celebration, they are running a Buy 3, Get 1 FREE promotion on all AVTECH sensors and accessories!

There is no limit to the type or quantity of sensors that can be purchased. All sensors or accessories must be of the same type and length to qualify for this promotion if purchased online, or you may contact us for a custom quote. Room Alert monitors and AXIS cameras are not included in this promotion.

Here’s how it works…  select any three (3) sensors or accessories from AVTECH’s product line and receive the fourth sensor or accessory absolutely free (shipping fees will apply). There are NO quantity limits on this special offer on sensors and accessories!

Flood Protect & Control Kit

Flood Protect & Control KitThe new AVTECH Flood Protect & Control Kit helps protect critical equipment and areas against flood and water leak damage in the event your data centre or facility incurs unexpected water ingress.

The Flood Protect & Control Kit includes flood berms, flood barrier mats, and flood cleanup mats. The flood berms can be placed around server racks and cabinets, storage racks, food supplies, file cabinets, or any other location that stores critical resources. Each flood berm is 121.92 cm long and and grows to 6.35 cm high while absorbing almost 9 litres of liquid to form a protective berm to help provide additional flood protection. Flood barrier mats absorb 1.1 litres of liquid each, while flood cleanup mats absorb 1.7 litres of liquid each to help clean up unexpected water or liquid.

Take Full Advantage of Monitor360

Take advantage of this special offer to add more sensors to your Room Alert monitors to fully utilize all the new features offered in AVTECH Software's patent-pending Monitor360 technology. The more environment conditions you monitor with Room Alert, the more virtual sensors, alerts, and reports you can create. Combine Room Alert, sensors & accessories, and Monitor360 for an unparalleled view into your facility!

Contact us for a Custom Quote

To get a custom quote on sensors and accessories as part of AVTECH Software's special 30th anniversary promotion, please contact us today

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