AVTECH Announce Next Generation Temperature & Humidity Sensor

AVTECH Announce Next Generation Temperature & Humidity Sensor

AVTECH have just introduced a next generation Digital Temperature & Humidity Sensor, with a newly redesigned and improved enclosure cap. The newly designed sensor started shipping 7.5m length orders on 7th December 2018. Longer length sensors will follow in the new year.

Various new cap design options have been tested extensively for almost a year, with very positive results. The internal components of the sensor have remained the same, and the new honeycomb sensor cap design helps to promote increased air circulation around those internal sensing components. Increased air circulation means a faster response to changing air conditions.

New Sensor Design

AVTECH undertook independent lab testing of many of their sensors to validate their performance in a variety of conditions. The tests proved the accuracy of the AVTECH sensors but did show one aspect of the sensor performance could be improved upon. The sensors performance when conditions were changing rapidly could be improved upon.

The AVTECH Digital Temperature / Ralative Humidity Sensor is the most popular AVTECH sensor. The temperature and relative humidity sensor reports on four different factors: temperature, relative humidity, heat index, and dew point. The accuracy in the testing sessions proved that the internal sensor components worked well, however testing indicated that responsiveness to rapidly changing conditions could be improved with a different cap design.

Given the results, the AVTECH engineers developed a number of different caps for the Temperature & Humidity Sensor. The cap designs that performed the best were then sent out to be manufactured in the facility that makes our current caps and were then tested head to head in a production environment.

Proving the New Design

Old Design vs New DesignWhen AVTECH designed the new sensor caps they compared the performance of the newly design sensor caps with the old design. The new honeycomb cap design offered the fastest response to changes, which then led to an even greater accuracy in readings.

AVTECH have put together a full Frequently Asked Question about the new Temperature & Humidity Sensor cap design, which you can read here. The FAQ is full of graphs and readings showing the differences between the old and new sensor cap designs, with both temperature and humidity readings.

How to Upgrade

If you are currently using the solid cap design Temperature & Humidity Sensor to help protect your facility against environment-related downtime, you can continue to do so with confidence that the readings are accurate. The new sensor cap primarily improves on the sensor’s ability to more quickly respond to rapidly changing humidity conditions. If you’d like to replace your existing temperature / relative humidity sensors, them with the newer design, please  contact your dedicated Sr. Product Specialist. We will be happy to work with you on a cost-effective plan to upgrade the solid cap sensors with the new design to help better protect your facility.

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