Aviosys Announce Replacement for 9858DX

Aviosys Announce Replacement for 9858DX

The IP Power 9858DX was launched all the way back in 2013. The new Aviosys IP Power 9858-MT will replace the now obsolete IP Power 9858-DX model.

The new IP Power 9858-MT will have more functionality as well as better performance and quality such as SSH/Telnet. HTTPS/HTTP SSL 3.0. SNMPv3. and MQTT.

Both the hardware and firmware of the new 9858MT model have been improved with many new features.

IP Power 9858-MT Hardware

  • Improved the protection circuit to increase system reliability. New design adopts spark quencher and TVS components for robust surge protection.
  • Powering up to the last outlet state now takes just a few seconds. The earlier version waited until after full system boot to set up the power state.
  • The Wi-Fi will has beeen removed as most customers do not use it.
  • Enclosure - size / colour are the same as the 9858DX.

IP Power 9858-MT Firmware

  • The IP Power 9858-MT adds support for the new MQTT 1.3.1 IoT protocol  and supports both Microsoft Azure and Android and Modbus TCP/IP ,  BACnet/IP  Industrial protocol. The industrial protocols make system integration much easier.
  • Improvements to the customer firmware update mechanism fix some situations where failure caused the system die. Customers can now rescue by a reinstall via TFTP.

The new IP Power 9858-MT firmware inherits all of the functions of IP Power 9850-DX. Includes SNMP/Telnet/Webserver etc. The HTTP CGI command sets are also fully backward compatible. Your existing scripts will work with the 9858-MT without modification.

The 9858-MT is a direct plug in replacement for the IP Power 9858-DX. Existing users can plug & play the new 9858-MT easily and the new model will work seemlessy.

The new upgraded IP Power 9858-MT will be ready by mid- November. Please get in touch if you would like further details.

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