Aviosys Announce New 8 Port Power Switch

Aviosys Announce New 8 Port Power Switch

Aviosys have announced that the IP Power 9820-S has now reached end of life. Happily, a new model has been announced to replace the old 9820-S model, the 9820MT-S will arrive in mid November.

The new 9820MT-S will be compatible with the old model except the Wi-Fi and internal fan have been removed. New features have been added like:

Hardware Changes

  • Improve the protection circuit to increase system reliability - the new design adopts spark quencher and TVS components for robust surge protection;
  • Power up to the last outlet state has been optimised so that now it takes just a few seconds - the 9820-S could take up to a minute until the power state was restored to the pre-reboot state;
  • Enclosure - same as the 9820-S model.

Firmware Improvements

  • The IP Power 9820MT-S adds support for the new MQTT 1.3.1 cloud IoT protocol and Modbus TCP/IP,  and BACnet/IP;
  • Fixed the firmware update mechanism that could lead to a permanently bricked device.

The new IP Power 9820MT firmware has inherited all of the functions of IP Power 9820 including SNMP/Telnet/Webserver etc. The HTTP CGI command sets are fully backward compatible. Your existing code / scripts will work without any modifications.

The new IP Power 9820MT-S is a plug-in replacement for the IP Power 9820 both in hardware and software terms.

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