Announcing the new AVTECH Room Alert 3S is now available

Announcing the new AVTECH Room Alert 3S is now available

A short while ago we announced that a new Room Alert 3S was on its way. We are happy to announce that the Room Alert 3S will shortly be available from stock on the website.

AVTECH's Room Alert PRO line of secure environment monitors has proven to be extremely popular. Many of you have asked when you would have the same data privacy and security features available in an entry-level monitor. There is good news for you. The updated version of the Room Alert 3E is now available.

The Room Alert 3S will offer all the same popular security features that our Room Alert 32S and Room Alert 12S/SR provide in a compact and economical package.

The Room Alert 3S offers:

  • HTTPS/SSL web interface
  • SSL/TLS email notifications
  • Multiple versions of SNMP including SNMP v3
  • 2048-bit encryption
  • SSL push for data to reach the Room Alert Account online portal
  • Secure and advanced alerting via email, email-to-SMS, SNMP, JSON, HTTP Post, webpage update and more

The Room Alert 3S has now launched and will be available from OPENXTRA shortly. If you would like further details about the new Room Alert 3S, please get in touch.

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