Announcing the new AVTECH Room Alert 12S / 12SR

Announcing the new AVTECH Room Alert 12S / 12SR

AVTECH Software have announced the immediate availability of the new Room Alert 12S and Room Alert 12SR. The Room Alert 12S and 12SR is an upgraded version of the Room Alert 12E and 12ER respectively with the addition of added security features like secure browsing and secure SNMP.

What Is The Room Alert PRO Line?

Room Alert is an industry leader in the environmental monitoring space. Now with the Room Alert PRO Line of monitors, Room Alert is more advanced and secure than ever. This line was specifically designed for higher security organizations such as banks, higher education institutions, government, telecom facilities and all other organizations that need to protect and secure sensitive information.

Room Alert PRO is the new, highly secure and advanced line of environment monitors including the Room Alert 32S, Room Alert 12S and Room Alert 12SR. Our Room Alert PRO line is the dependable environment monitoring solution you can expect from Room Alert. If you need to prevent costly downtime and damage while also 

  • Keeping customer and employee data secure 
  • Ensuring high performance 
  • Maintaining a large number of users 
  • Managing busy networks
  • Following DFARS, NIST SP 800-171 and ISO/IEC 27000 best practices 

and more, then the Room Alert PRO line is your ideal solution! 

At the begining of 2020 AVTECH launched the Room Alert 32S. As the first “S” model, this introduced our most secure and advanced features of Room Alert proactive environment monitoring so far. These features include more advanced layers of security such as HTTPS/SSL web interface, SSL/TLS email notifications, Multiple versions of SNMP and 2048-bit encryption. Our Room Alert PRO Line emerged as the most Advanced Proactive Environment Monitoring, Alerting and Automatic Corrective Action. 

Following the unprecedented success of the Room Alert 32S, AVTECH have added the Room Alert 12S. The Room Alert 12S was engineered to provide the same level of security and advanced functionality as the Room Alert 32S, but in a smaller, more compact monitor. We wanted to have both of these options available so that we can protect our Room Alert users with the best environment monitoring out there, regardless of the size of their facilities and number of sensors they require. The Room Alert 32S is best for larger facilities where many environment conditions need to be monitored, whereas the Room Alert 12S is best suited for smaller facilities that require less sensor capacity.

If you would like to know how the new Room Alert 12S or Room Alert 12SR can fit into your environmental monitoring system, please get in touch.

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