Announcing Lifetime Subscriptions

Announcing Lifetime Subscriptions has introduced AVTECH customers to the many benefits of a cloud based solution, like reduced configuration effort, seemless alerting and reduced backup burden. It has introduced one new problem: renewal anxiety. With the introduction of Lifetime Subscriptions you only need to buy a single lifetime subscription instead of having to renew every year.

Renewing a subscription can be a bit of a drudge. Explaining the value to non-technical people can be difficult, writing the business case can take a long time. Getting your overworked accounts department to raise a PO can be a lengthy and labourious process.

Whilst multi-year subscption options have partically reduced the renewal burden, it has not completely removed it. You still need to remember to renew, just not every single year. With lifetime subscriptions you pay one single premium and then you never need to worry about renewing ever again.

Offering lifetime subscriptions to the Room Alert Account service gives you peace of mind knowing that your data, alerts, reports, direct access to technical support, and more will never be interrupted by a missed payment.

Choosing a lifetime subscription makes a lot of sense to you if you are required to purchase plans based on budgets and financial years, such as government organisations, schools & universities, and local councils.

You can guarantee your organization will have their service covered forever. No more concern over billing dates, payment approval, who in your organization is actually in charge of making sure renewal is completed… everything is taken care of. Lifetime Subscriptions are only available for Professional and Enterprise level subscriptions.

Purchasing a lifetime subscription to provides you and your organisation with non-expiring access to:

  • Device ManageR plugins
  • Advanced and customizable alerting options
  • Email, chat, and phone support
  • Network camera monitoring
  • Report exporting
  • And a lot more...

For more information about lifetime subscriptions, or for a custom quote for your organization, please get in touch. We are happy to provide you with a proposal to make sure your account is taken care of for as long as you’re a Room Alert user.

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