Announcing AKCP sensorProbeX+ Plug & Play Environmental Monitoring System

Announcing AKCP sensorProbeX+ Plug & Play Environmental Monitoring System

We are pleased to announce that the latest environmental monitoring system from AKCP is now available. The AKCP sensorProbeX+ is a plug and play system configured by you. You decide precisely how many sensor ports you need and how many dry contacts you want. Optional extras include a built in cellular data modem, SSL support and SNMP v3 support.

AKCP have announced the immediate availability of a new environmental monitoring system that is a genuine build your own system. Instead of having a single system configuration, you can build a system with precisely the features you want.

The sensorProbeX+ integrates with the AKCP Thermal Map sensors and RFID Swing Handle Cabinet Locks. The sensorProbeX+ is built from a number of basic building blocks.

SPX Modules

The MCU module is the core of theSPX+. A mandatory module, it forms the base configuration of every unit. With 4x intelligent sensor ports you can begin to monitor a wide variety of sensors. An ethernet port provides network connectivity and an expansion port gives compatibility to AKCP expansion modules suchas the E-Sensor8 and E-Optio16.

The MCU is available as a hot-swap module, allowing you, in the event of failure, to easily swap out the module yourself and install a replace,ment without needing to return the whole unit to us.

AKCP sensorProbeX+ Sensor4 Module
sensor4 modules give additional intelligent sensor ports, allowing you to build your SPX+ to your requirements. Connect a wide range of intelligent sensors and smartRack sensors such ans the thermal map sensors and RFID Swing Handle Locks. AKCP sensorProbeX+ Sensor4 Module
Dry contact modules can be added in 10x or 20x blocks. The dry contacts can be specified to be I/O, isolated input only (internal 5V), isolated input only (external 5-20V). Dry contacts can be used to monitor a variety of third party devices and alarm panels. AKCP sensorProbeX+ Dry Contact Module
A 3G GSM cellular data modem module can be added to your SPX+ to give a primary or backup method of communication. Send SMS and email alerts directly from hte device through the cellular network. Ideal for remote site locations and those with unreliable DSL connections. AKCP sensorProbeX+ Cellular Modem Module

Environmental Sensors

  • Monitor rack air inlets and outlets using the Thermal Map sensors, to identity cabinet hotspots and potential energy savings due to over cooling;
  • Monitor temperature, relative humidity, air flow and more...;
  • Control cabinet access with RFID Swing Handle Cabinet Locks;
  • Features SNMPv3, HTTPS, VPN and encrypted email.

AKCP sensorProbeX+ Cabinet Monitoring

Thermal Map Sensors

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