AKCP News March 2018

AKCP News March 2018

Updates to the thermal map sensors, an inline power meters to upgrade your dumb PDUs and a smart rack system.

Thermal Map Update

This updates the existing AKCP thermal map sensors (TMS, THMS). The new Cabinet Thermal Maps (CTMS, CTHMS) are string of 6 sensors (previously 3) to monitor temperature at the front and rear as well as measure temperature differentials between the air intake and exhaust. Better manage your racks thermal properties and accurately detect hotspots within your cabinet. An animated rack map view displays this sensor information graphically.

In-line Power Meters

You can now upgrade any basic power strip into an inteligent PDU by adding the in-line power meter. Monitor power consumed by your IT load for PUE calculatons, and check how close you are to tripping your circuit breakers. Optional latched relays gives power switching. A cost effective upgrade path, with no need to replace an existing power strip.

smartRack System

The new thermal map sensors and inline power meters form the basis of the AKCP smartRack system. Thermal maps and In-Line Power Meters can be combined together in a single device, meaning only one sensor port is required per cabinet to monitor the power and thermal properties. A very cost effective monitoring solution from a single cabinet, to a hot/cold aisle to a complete data center. The solution scales with your needs. Monitor all deployed systems with AKCP Pro Server managemnet software.

Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor

AKCP has released an Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor. This non-invasive sensor requires no cutting of holes in your tank, installs with epoxy to the base of any liquid storage tank and connects to our intelligent base unit. Monitor remote sites for fuel usage, theft and know that your storage tanks are always at optimum levels.

Use this as part of our complete remote site, generator monitoring solution. Monitor your generator via Modbus RS485 connection and manage all sites from a single central location.

AKCP Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor

Modbus Adapter

Modbus Adapter

Every sensorProbeX+ comes with an RS485 Modbus / EXP port. The modbus port is dual purpose port can be used to extend the SPX+ capabilities or connect Modbus devices. The SP2+ is also avaialble with the same on the SP2+E version. Many modbus devices run on a 2 wire serial cable, and it was difficult to convert from the RJ45 CAT5 into the 2 wire cable. The Modbus Adapter box will take care of this for you, simply connect the CAT5 cable from the sensorProbe+ Modbus port to this box, and connect your 2 wire serial cable to the box as well.

Sensor Adapter

Sensor Adapter

The Sensor Adapter integrates 3rd party sensors that output a 0-10VDC scale to your monitoring system. Many industrial type sensors have a 4-20 mAmp or a DC voltage scale output. The Sensor Adapter integrates DC Voltage style sensors into your system. A switch on the side of the box allows you to turn this into a 5 VDC dry contact digital I/O that is also capable of powering the sensor with a 5VDC power supply.

Mini Sensor Controlled Relay.

Mini Sensor Controlled Relay

The Mini Sensor Controlled Relay can be controlled by any sensors and outputs a low current DC voltage which can be used to drive a much larger relay. Necessary for switching high power appliances under the control of your sensorProbe+.


If you would like to discuss any of the exciting upcoming products from AKCP, please get in touch with your AKCP product specialist.

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