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  1. AKCP News August 2017

    AKCP have made some improvements to the temperature sensor product line (TMP00, DCT00, TMS), with a new style box. All temperature sensors will ship with this new enclosure starting 15th September 2017. Dual sensors with temperature and humidity will follow in this new style enclosure by second quarter 2018.

  2. Room Alert Firmware Updates

    AVTECH have recently released a number of firmware updates for the following Room Alert models: Room Alert 3E, Room Alert 4E, 4ER, Room Alert 12E, 12ER and Room Alert 32W.

  3. Announcing New Fully Customisable GoToMyDevices Dashboard

    AVTECH have recently announced the immediate availability of a fully customisable dashboard for users of all tiers. The dashboard gives you the option to display the most important reports, maps and alerts giving you an optimal overview of your monitoring system.

  4. Introducing the AKCP power+ series

    AKCP have recently announced a major new product line the Smart Power Controller and Power Strip. Both combine to provide a highly configurable and flexible cabinet power solutions including optional environmental monitoring and security functionality.

  5. A tour around the Modbus features of the AKCP sensorProbeX+

    A tour around the new Modbus features of the new AKCP sensorProbeX+ server room monitor. The sensorProbeX+ can both act as client or server using either RS-485 or Modbus TCP/IP.

  6. AVTECH Room Alert 3E 4 for 3 February Offer

    If you need a number of AVTECH Room Alert 3E units, you are in luck. We have a 4 for 3 offer on at the moment that runs until the end of February 2017.

  7. Announcing AKCP sensorProbeX+ Plug & Play Environmental Monitoring System

    We are pleased to announce that the latest environmental monitoring system from AKCP is now available. The AKCP sensorProbeX+ is a plug and play system configured by you. You decide precisely how many sensor ports you need and how many dry contacts you want. Optional extras include a built in cellular data modem, SSL support and SNMP v3 support.

  8. Announcing New Website with Improved Navigation

    Announcing New Website with Improved Navigation

    The more observant of you may have noticed the website has changed. A lot. The trusty old site, originally developed all the way back in 2009, has gone replaced with a shiny new one eight months in gestation.

  9. Announcing version 2.0

    AVTECH Software have announced the release of a brand new version of their cloud based service for monitoring, reporting and alerting your enivronmental data.

  10. Out of the Box Rack Thermal Mapping Solution

    Now a simple 'out of the box' solution for thermal mapping your racks. Monitoring the temperature and humidity gradients inside the rack, top to bottom and front to back is crucial to the effective running of your Servers, Switches and Routers. Alerts by Email and SMS text, reporting and graphing data.


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