is a cloud service giving you an easy way to manage and monitor temperature and environment conditions, create custom reports for temperature logging or environment sensor logging history, receive alert notifications when environment conditions reach extremes, view a map showing environment conditions in remote facilities and much, much more. is a powerful service accessable from any browser or mobile device over the web with the same user experience device to device. You have no software to install, configure or manage, makes it very easier to get started monitoring your server room.

If you would prefer an on premise equivalent to, please see Room Alert Manager. Room Alert Manager is a software package you can install locally on your network to manage your estate of Room Alert environment monitors. You can use both and Room Alert Manager together without any problems.

Environment monitoring in computer rooms, data centers and facilities of all types has become a critical component of Disaster Prevention. Thankfully, it's easy to stay informed about important environmental changes with Room Alert. The powerful tools make it easy for you to see alerts, create reports and graphs, view activity timelines, sort and select data, view status screens, and more. This enables your team to drill down to the important information or trends they desire, as well as be alerted immediately when problems begin. There is no software to install, no email server to configure, no complex configurations or concerns about network compatibility, no disk space consumption, and no need to run regular back ups... it's all handled for you in the cloud.

With, managers can get the view and insight they need for better decision-making, faster response and future planning. This leads to greater uptime for your organization, lower meantime between hardware failures, smarter energy consumption and peace-of-mind for managers who can be assured that all is well when they are away. Account Tiers

In order to use you need to register for an account. This is usually done by us when you buy your Room Alert monitor. You will be placed onto the Personal tier when you purchase your first Room Alert monitor. If you do not renew your account, your account will go into the Base level. Whichever level of account you have, you still have access to Room Alert firmware upgrades.

See the table below to compare the various account levels.

  Base Account Personal Professional Enterprise Features
Users 1 User 2 Users 10 Users 25 Users
Registered Devices 1 Device 10 Devices 25 Devices 50 Devices
Registered Links     10 Devices 25 Devices
Data History 1 Day 30 Days 180 Days 365 Days
Monitor360™ Sensors     10 Sensors 25 Sensors
Configured Alerts 1 Alert 10 Alerts 25 Alerts 75 Alerts
Unlimited Notifications
Advanced Alerting    
Saved Reports 1 Report 3 Reports 7 Reports 25 Reports
Public URLs    
Network Camera Monitoring    
Firmware Downloads
AVTECH Device Discovery
Room Alert Link™    
Room Alert Manager™    
Device ManageR to Room Alert Import Tool™    
AVTECH Device ManageR™ (legacy)  
AVTECH Device ManageR™ Plugins (legacy)    
Support Online FAQs & Resources Email Support Email, Chat & Phone Support Email, Chat & Phone Support

Room Alert Accounts are always free for all customers and a free upgrade is available for new and existing customers with each Room Alert purchase. Alerts
Figure 1: Alerts Map Map Overview
Figure 2: Map Overview Temperature Trend Temperature Trend Graph
Figure 3: Temperature Trend Graph

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