Room Alert Link

Room Alert Link communicates with Room Alert every minute to push your organization’s data so you can stay up to date on the conditions of your Room Alert devices more efficiently than ever before.

What is Room Alert Link?

Room Alert Link is a software package by AVTECH Software you can find under the Devices tab of your Account. Room Alert Link runs as a Windows local service that helps Room Alert users view information faster than ever before, such as Room Alert offline notifications and the ability to immediately refresh all sensor data.

Room Alert Link also allows users to update to the latest firmware versions with just a single click. Room Alert Link has a web interface your users can access your local network. The web interface shows you all discovered Room Alert devices, updated discovery settings and Room Alert Link’s authorization key.

SSL Encryption

Room Alert Link runs as a local service and provides a secure connection to your Account via SSL. By using Room Alert Link you are helping to secure the communication between your local network and the cloud service.

Online Status

Room Alert Link shows Room Alert’s online/ offline status within 1 minute of Device Discovery, providing faster notification alerts if your Room Alerts go offline for any reason. This was a highly requested feature from our users.

Immediate Refresh

Room Alert Link offers a refresh button which allows users to update all sensor data immediately, making it easier than ever before to have an up to date view of all of your environment data in your Account dashboard.

Firmware Updates

Room Alert Link includes automated firmware update accross all of your Room Alert monitors. Simply press the button and all Room Alert monitors with a new firmware version available will be automattically updated. With one-click updating, you can be sure all of your Room Alert monitors have the latest firmware in just a few minutes.

Room Alert Link is available free for all customers on the Professional Tier or higher of Account. If you need any help upgrading your Account, please get in touch.
Create Room Alert Link Authorization KeyCreate Room Alert Link Authorization Key
Figure 1: Create Room Alert Link Authorization Key
Room Alert Link Devices ScreenRoom Alert Link Devices Screen
Figure 2: Room Alert Link Devices Screen