Mega System Technologies

Mega System Technologies Inc ("MegaTec") was incorporated in 1989 Taipei, Taiwan. With main office in Neihu, Taipei and a factory office in GuangZhou, China.  Our highly skilled workforce consists of approximately 80 employees.

MegaTec main focus was to develop a series of software to monitor and control Unlimited Power Supply ("UPS") modules.  These are to be based on MegaTec RS232 protocol.  With aggressive marketing and competitive pricing, MegaTec protocol soon became the standard communication protocol among worldwide UPS makers.

From there onwards, MegaTec continued it's R&D efforts and UPS manufacturers began to take a liking to MegaTec's software particularly for its reliability.  These well-known software are now being used to monitor and protect millions of computer data around the world from damaged caused by unexpected power events.

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