Rack Environment Monitoring

Installing environment and temperature monitoring solutions in your server room racks protects valuable IT equipment from failure and aids business continuity through early warning of adverse events.

Monitoring power and air flow increases energy efficiency and reduces your carbon footprint as well as saving you money.

OPENXTRA make this easy and cost effective through providing the right solution no matter what size your organisation.

Rack Environment Monitoring
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OPENXTRA's range of environment monitors from leading manufacturers offer the best in functionality, value and flexibility. Installing effective monitoring for data centres and server rooms ensures early warning of environment hazards so that action can be taken before damage occurs. A small investment to make to protect your high value equipment! 
OPENXTRA's team of environment monitoring experts can contact you and create a tailored professional proposal to cover your rack environment monitoring needs. Call us on 0800 612 1357, email us at sales@openxtra.co.uk, click Live Chat or contact us.
OPENXTRA has been specialising in IT environment monitoring since 2003 supplying over 4000 customers worldwide in IT services, education, government, health and financial sectors. Our wealth of experience means we can find the right solution for you. 


A wide range of alerting options available including Email; SMS; Siren/Sound; Strobe/Light; SNMP Traps; Integration with Building Management Systems


Available Sensors

Temperature; Humidity; Power/Voltage; Smoke; Wetness; Flood; Movement/Motion; Air Flow; Light;  Security; Relay; Dry Contact

Carbon Footprint

Energy Conservation

The EU Code of Conduct on Data Centres and The Carbon Trust recommend environment and power monitoring as best practice in data centres, computer and server rooms. Analysing the IT environment and identifying areas for improvement goes a long way to reducing energy consumption.

Buyer's Guide to Server Room Monitoring

Buyer's Guide to Server Room Monitoring

Read the Buyer's Guide to Server Room Monitoring, and how to maintain the optimum environment.