Server Room Environment Monitor Buyers Guide

If you are responsible for your server rooms or data centre you will already know how crucial the smooth running of your servers are to your business.

Protect the Engine Room of Your Business

No matter what size your network is, you need to protect your server environment against undetected air-conditioner breakdown or fan failures, or simply the sudden humidity changes that can result from powerful air-conditioning systems.

Temperature and environmental monitoring solutions will alert your team via email or SMS the instant there’s a problem, so that your users always have optimum uninterrupted service.

Integrate with your Existing Systems

Server Room

Environment monitors are fully scalable, easy to install and give you the choice to integrate with your current SNMP based network monitoring application and are priced to make protecting your servers a very easy decision. If you'd like to integrate your environmental monitoring system into an existing system and can't find anything off the shelf that will do it, we may be able to help.

Integrated Network & Environmental Monitoring

All of the network based environment monitors support SNMP so you can be integrate with your existing network monitoring system. This has two main benefits:

  1. Fewer systems to manage - you can integrate your environmental monitoring data capture into your existing network monitoring infrastructure, meaning no extra backups, no extra systems to keep patched. All network enabled environmental monitors support SNMP, the standard for network management interoperability;
  2. Notifications - one of the things that network monitoring systems do well is notify you when things are going wrong. If you integrate your environmental monitoring with your network monitoring system, then you don't need to duplicate your notification system, so no duplicate hardware, no duplicate costs.

Which Solution is Right for Me?

If you'd like a custom designed server room temperature monitoring solution, please get in touch and speak to an environmental monitoring product specialist who can recommend a system that meets your requirements.

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