Guide to Network Thermometers

A Network Thermometer permanently attached to your Ethernet (IP network) and constantly reporting measurements is one of the most cost effective measures you can take to safeguard the security of your company data network.

What is a Network Thermometer?

Network Thermometers (sometimes called Ethernet Thermometers) are low cost, robust, and require no maintenance. A real ’plug in and forget’ item that will more than pay for itself the first time a temperature event occurs.

Just image how much it would cost your company if the main servers shut down due to overheating, or if data becomes corrupted on the hard disks due to running at abnormally high temperatures.

Computers really do not like heat. Equipment ages faster when it gets hot. Have you noticed that unreliability and intermittent equipment problems often occur in warm weather? Prolonged running at high temperatures can result in unpredictable behavior, and problems are not always characterised by catastrophic failure. In general to make your computers operate more reliably and have a longer life you should run them in cool conditions.

Why Measure Server Room Temperature?

The most likely spot to exhibit heat problems will be your main Server Rooms. These have the greatest concentration of hot equipment, equipment vital to the running of your business. Often Server Rooms will also be well insulated and completely dependent on an air-conditioning system for cooling. Any failure or malfunction in the air-conditioning will very soon cause a great deal of heat to build up in your Server Rooms.

Early Warning

A permanently attached Network Thermometer can alert you in good time that things are going wrong, allowing you to take remedial action before it’s too late. Alerts can be by SMS message direct to your phone, by email, by sound alarm, cab run a third party program and so on.


An additional advantage of an ethernet attached thermometer is that by monitoring constantly you will be able to see trends in the data. You should aim to achieve a stable temperature over a long period of time. By keeping a close eye on temperature fluctuations you may be able to tailor your cooling requirements more precisely, cooling only when necessary and for the minimum time saving money on your bills.


Network attached thermometers are an efficient, low cost solution to the problem of safeguarding your company’s network and equipment. It is always worthwhile having an independent system to check on the functioning of the air conditioning unit. If you are responsible for the data on your company’s network it may be unwise to rely on the facilities management guys letting you know when the air con fails. An Ethernet attached Thermometer will give you an independent view.

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