How to connect third party sensors to AKCP base units

4-20 mamp Sensor

Using the AKCP 4-20mA converter or the new iDCV00 (Digital Voltmeter) it's possible to integrate many types of precision (or other third party) probes into AKCP base units.

If the sensor required is not available from the AKCP range, just search the internet to find a suitable sensor. For example, if the requirement was for an 'air pressure sensor', just search for 'air pressure sensor two wire 4-20mA output'.

Once a suitable sensor has been found just send AKCP the manual and data sheet so the technical specifications can be checked for compatibility with AKCP base units. Examples of some third party sensors that can be integrated:

    • Air Pressure Sensor
    • Photo Electric Light Sensors
    • Soil Moisture Sensors
    • Toxic Gas Sensors
    • Radiation Sensors
    • Water Flow Sensors

Digital Voltmeter

Most of these third party sensors require a separate DC power source for them to operate usually the supplier stocks these power supplies.

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