Guide to Rack Mounting Aviosys Power Switches

The Aviosys IP Power range of network enabled power switches can be integrated into your rack cabinets quite easily. The newer IP Power models have optional extra rack mount brackets available that make fitting them into a 19" rack easy and secure.

Some of the older models like the IP Power 9258S and IP Power 9258S-P don't have any rack mount brackets available. The only way to add the older models to your 19" rack is via a rack shelf.

There is only one model that includes the rack mount brackets in the box and that is the IP Power 9820MT-S. It includes the brackets and takes up 1U within your cabinet.

IP Power Range Rack Mount Summary

  IP Power 9255 UK IP Power 9255 PRO UK IP Power 9828S IP Power 9258S IP Power 9258S-P with Ping IP Power 9850 UK IP Power 9858MT-S IP Power 9820MT-S
19in Rack mountable No No No No No No Yes Yes
19in Brackets Included No No No No No No No Yes
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