Guide to Avtech Power Sensors

A guide to the power sensors available for the Avtech Software Room Alert range of environment monitors and why you need to use them.

Types of Power Sensor

There are two basic types of power sensor available from Avtech. Each type of sensor has been designed to fulfill different missions.

Power Presence

By far the simplest power sensor is the power presence sensor. As the name suggests, power presence sensors detect power running through the attached cable. The power can either be from the mains power or via an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). The power presence sensor gives your environmental monitoring system the ability to detect when backup power has kicked in.

Current Measurement

Current measurement sensors monitor the electrical current flowing through a single phase powered cable. The Room Alert is then able to convert the output signal into an Amp (A) reading, By using a current detection sensor with your Room Alert, you can measure the electrical consumption of an electrical appliance or device.

Power Sensor Summary

Product Type Lengths Available SKU
Current Loop Sensor 0-250A Current measurement 7.5m RMA-CL2-SEN
Current Loop Sensor 0-50A Current measurement 7.5m RMA-CL1-SEN
Digital Active Power Sensor Power presence 1.5m RMA-DAP-SEN
Power Sensor Power presence 7.5m RMA-PS1-SEN
Mini UPS and Power Sensor Power presence & UPS 7.5m RMA-MUPS-SEN

Room Alert Support

A table illustrating Room Alert monitor support for each power sensor. What's important to note is the Connector Type used by the sensor and then ensuring that your Room Alert monitor has at least one of those connectors available.

Sensor Sensor Type Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi Room Alert 3E Room Alert 3S Room Alert 12E Room Alert 12ER Room Alert 12S Room Alert 12SR Room Alert 32E Room Alert 32S
Current Loop Sensor 0-250A Analog [1] [1]
Current Loop Sensor 0-50A Analog [1] [1]
Digital Active Power Sensor Digital
Power Sensor Digital
Mini UPS and Power Sensor Switch

[1] You can attach analog sensors like the extreme high and extreme low temperature sensors by using the Temperature & Analog sensor connector attached to a digital port.

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