Guide to AKCP Sensor Adaptors

A guide to the sensor adaptors available for the AKCP range of environment monitors and why you would need them.

Why do I Need a Sensor Adaptor?

AKCP supply a range of temperature and combined temperature and relative humidity sensors. All of the sensors have a range of -55 to +125°C. The range does not include specialist sensors generally needed in engineering and manufacturing industry. The standard temperature sensors are designed to be used in non-corrosive environments. Many AKCP customers need to measure temperature in environments and at temperature ranges that the standard temperature sensors are unable to match.

In order to meet customer demand, AKCP developed a number of sensor adaptors to enable customers to fit third party, industrial type sensors to the AKCP range environment monitors.

The types of sensors you can attach to your environment monitor using one of the sensor adaptors include the following:

  • Pressure transducers
  • Solar power monitors
  • Battery monitors
  • Laboratory test equipment
  • Air Pressure Sensor
  • Photo Electric Light Sensors
  • Soil Moisture Sensors
  • Toxic Gas Sensors
  • Radiation Sensors
  • Water Flow Sensors

AKCP Sensor Adaptor Summary

A summary of the available sensor adaptors available for your AKCP environment monitors.

Product Lengths Available SKU
4-20 MAmp Adapter 1.5m VC00
K-type Thermocouple Adapter 1.5m TCAK
J-type Thermocouple Adapter 1.5m TCAJ
Digital Voltmeter 1.5m IDCV00

Environment Monitor Support

A table outlining which AKCP environment monitors support the sensor adaptors.

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