Guide to Subscription Options is a website owned by AVTECH Software that provides cloud based data logging and alerting. The AVTECH Room Alert range of environment monitors are able to send data to so that you can store and alert from one central place. Centralising your data and alert management saves you time when initially configuring your system as well as freeing you from on going maintenance like back ups and the like.

When you buy any Room Alert monitor, you are automatically given a Personal level subscription for one year. At the end of the first year you are able to pay to continue your Personal subscription, or you may upgrade to a higher level. If you do not wish to continue subscribing, your subscription drops to the Base subscription. The Lite subscription gives you access to firmware updates for the lifetime of your device as well as basic access to

The levels of subscription available are Base, Personal, Professional and Enterprise. The various options available with the various subscription levels are outlined in the table below.

  Base Account Personal Professional Enterprise Features
Users 1 User 2 Users 10 Users 25 Users
Registered Devices 1 Device 10 Devices 25 Devices 50 Devices
Registered Links     10 Devices 25 Devices
Data History 1 Day 30 Days 180 Days 365 Days
Monitor360™ Sensors     10 Sensors 25 Sensors
Configured Alerts 1 Alert 10 Alerts 25 Alerts 75 Alerts
Unlimited Notifications
Advanced Alerting    
Saved Reports 1 Report 3 Reports 7 Reports 25 Reports
Public URLs    
Network Camera Monitoring    
Firmware Downloads
AVTECH Device Discovery
Room Alert Link™    
Room Alert Manager™    
Device ManageR to Room Alert Import Tool™    
AVTECH Device ManageR™ (legacy)  
AVTECH Device ManageR™ Plugins (legacy)    
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Lifetime Subscriptions

Lifetime subscriptions are available for Professional and Enterprise level subscriptions. Lifetime subscriptions are very useful for customers wishing to know beforehand exactly how much their monitoring system will cost over its entire lifetime.

If you would like to know more about subscriptions including the lifetime options, then please get in touch.

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