Facilities Management Environment Monitor Buyers Guide

Temperature and environmental monitors provide a reliable, remote, easy to set up and use system to manage and monitor and alert to changes in temperature, humidity and flooding.

How Do They Work?

You set the environmental parameters for each room whether that is multiple unit housing, office facilities, hospital or healthcare environment. Because the monitors use a web-based system, when a parameter is exceeded, you can be notified or alerted via email or SMS so that appropriate courses of action may be taken. Likewise, if you want to graph or log environmental data you can access that information from any location, obviating the need to go to site, and assuring service users that environmental conditions meet their standards.

Why Do I Need Environmental Monitoring?

Facilities Management

  • Control and Monitor Energy Usage and Costs
  • Ensure that service standards are met (eg. OT Environment)
  • Early warning of problems eg. flooding or HVAC breakdown
  • Monitor remotely
  • Report and log data
  • Control and Solve Issues before they impact on service users

Typical Applications

  • Office Environment
  • Hospital Environments
  • Sheltered Housing
  • Industrial Processes
  • Health and Safety Monitoring

Which Solution is Right for Me?

In order to make it easier to choose the solution that best fits your requirement, please visit the Environment Monitors where you can select which environment monitor is right for you.

For more information, please contact us for more product information.

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