AVTECH Software Sensor Compatibility Chart

A table illustrating Room Alert monitor support for each external sensor. Not all Room Alerts have the same sensor ports.

 Sensor TypeRoom Alert 3 Wi-FiRoom Alert 3ERoom Alert 4ERoom Alert 4ERRoom Alert 12ERoom Alert 12ERRoom Alert 32ERoom Alert 32W
Temperature Digital
Outdoor Temperature Digital
Fluid Temperature Digital
Extreme High Temperature Analog [1] [1] [1] [1]
Extreme Low Temperature Analog [1] [1] [1] [1]
Temperature / Relative Humidity Digital
Shielded Temperature / Relative Humidity Digital
Spot Flood Switch
Rope Flood Switch
Mains Power Switch
Mini UPS Switch
Current Loop Analog
Air Flow Switch
Smoke Switch
Motion Switch
Room Entry Switch
Fuel Level Switch
Water Level Switch
Panic Button Switch

[1] You can attach analog sensors like the extreme high and extreme low temperature sensors by using the Temperature & Analog sensor connector attached to a digital port.

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