AKCP SensorProbe/SecurityProbe Dry Contact Configuration

A typical application for a dry contact output might involve monitoring the temperature in a room and turning ON/OFF an an air conditioner, a fan, or whatever if the temperature goes above or below a certain level. You would need a temperature sensor, a dry contact sensor, a relay, and a SecurityProbe or SensorProbe.

1. Fit a temperature sensor in one of the RJ45 ports on the SecurityProbe or SensorProbe.

2. Fit a Dry Contact Sensor in a second RJ45 port on the SecurityProbe or SensorProbe.

3. Connect the relay to the Dry Contact sensor. Note that you will need to turn off the Autosense feature on the SecurityProbe or SensorProbe and reconfigure it manually to say that there is a relay on the port and not a security sensor. The default device shown on the SecurityProbe or SensorProbe is security sensor.

4. Configure the temperature thresholds and link the sensor to the port containing the relay. If the temperature exceeds the threshold set, the unit turns the "relay" on, you will get 5VDC output to the dry contact. This can also be used to drive a mini solenoid switch to turn on a larger circuit such as a fan or air conditioner.

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