AKCP Sensor Compatibility Chart

A comparison chart of all of the various AKCP environment monitors ranges and the sensors they support.

 sensorProbe RangesensorProbe+ RangesecurityProbe Range
Max Probes Supported Available with 2, 4 or 8. As well as X20 and X60 variants of the sensorProbe8 4 8 [1] [2]
Combined Temperature/Humidity
4-20 mAmp Converter
Siren & Strobe Light
Smoke Detector
Motion Detector
Power Detector
Digital Voltmeter
Sensor Controlled Relay
Dry Contact
Security Sensor
Water Detection and Rope Water Sensor
High Definition Digital Camera with Infrared [3]
Daisy Temperature Sensor
K-Type Thermocouple Adaptor  
J-Type Thermocouple Adaptor
Digital Voltmeter
8 Port Sensor Controlled Relay
IO-Digital8 Sensor
E-opto16 Expansion Unit
E-sensor8 Expansion Unit

[1] The securityProbe series also contains two expanded models. The securityProbe5ES-X20 and securityProbe5ESV-X20 in addition supports up to 20 dry contacts, the securityProbe5ES-X60 and securityProbe5ESV-X60 supports up to 60 dry contacts.

[2] The securityProbe series can support upto 600 sensors using the E-opto16 and E-sensor8 expansion units.

[3] Cameras are only supported on the securityProbe models with Camera support. The securityProbe models supporting video are named "with video" such as the AKCP securityProbe 5e Standard with Video model.

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