Knowledge Base

Environment Monitoring

  1. Skimp on Server Room Air Conditioning? At Your Peril
  2. Guide to Server Room Monitoring
  3. Temperature Monitoring ASHRAE Standards Proving a Hot Topic in Data Centre Management
  4. How to Calculate the Size of a Server Room Air Conditioner
  5. Data Center Environmental Monitoring Recommendations


  1. AKCP Virtual Sensors: The Energy Meter
  2. Alarm Notification and Adding Custom Sounds using the AKCP securityProbe
  3. AKCP Virtual Sensors: Ping
  4. A short introduction to the expansion modules for the AKCP securityProbe 5E
  5. Guide to AKCP Sensor Adaptors


  1. Guide to Server Room Monitoring
  2. Guide to Network Thermometers
  3. Guide to AKCP Maximum Sensor Cable Length
  4. EU Code of Conduct on Data Centres: A Guide to Best Practice
  5. Guide to AVTECH Software Sensor Types

AVTECH Software

  1. Guide to AVTECH Software Sensor Types
  2. Guide to AVTECH Flood Sensors
  3. Guide to AVTECH Temperature Sensors
  4. AVTECH Software Sensor Compatibility Chart
  5. Guide to AVTECH Light Towers


  1. Guide to Rack Mounting Aviosys Power Switches
  2. Exploring the Aviosys IP Power 9850 CGI interface using Powershell
  3. Aviosys Remote Power Switch Comparison Chart

Xsensior Lite

  1. Using ODBC to connect to the Xsensior Lite database
  2. How to Set Properties on the Xsensior Lite USB Temperature Monitor
  3. Xsensior Lite - How to Set Polling Time and Export Data
  4. Get the last reading from Xsensior Lite using the command line
  5. What to do if a sensor disappears