AKCP J-Type Thermocouple Adaptor

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Integrate third party j-type thermocouples with your AKCP securityProbe monitor.

The j-type thermocouple adapter is designed to integrate either the AKCP j-type thermocouple, or a third party j-type thermocouple with the AKCP securityProbe series of monitors.

The J-type thermocouple adapter is designed to integrate either the AKCess Pro thermocouple, or a third party thermocouple with the securityProbe series of units.

Thermocouples are typically used in heavy industry and cryogenics fields due to their accuracy and resistance to extremes of high and low temperatures. The setup is straightforward. Plug your thermocouple into the adapter, and then connect the adapter to an intelligent sensor port on the securityProbe base unit.

A free 5ft CAT5 cable is supplied for you to do this. Once connected the securityProbe recognizes the thermocouple automatically and configures the unit. All the user needs to do is set the thresholds for high and low warning and critical levels.

  • Designed for us with AKCess Pro J-type thermocouples
  • Compatible with industry standard J-type thermocouples
  • Comes with free 5ft cable
  • Powered by securityProbe, no additional power needed


Measurement Rate One reading every second
Accepts All Standard Size Male Connectors for Thermocouple Types J and K
Designed to work with the securityProbe and securityProbe 5E and E-sensor8 expansion modules only

Features of the J-Type Thermocouple Adpater

  • Comes with a 5 foot CAT5 cable. User can use a customized cable up to 100 feet
  • RJ-45 connection for easy and simple installation
  • Full autosense including disconnect alarm
  • Power source: powered by the securityProbe. No additional power needed.
  • Power Consumption: Typical 7.80 mWatt, 1.56mA
  • They are “simple”, rugged, need no batteries.
  • Can measure over very wide temperature ranges and more

Typical applications

  • Industrial and high tech laboratories
  • Heavy industries such as petrochemical and metal processing.
  • The cryogenics field
  • Superconductor and semiconductor research & development.
  • Scientific research
Customer Questions
Is it possible to extend AKCP sensors?
AKCP sensors all use RJ45 connectors and can be extended using standard CAT5 cable and one or more inline couplers up to a maximum distance of 100m. Historically, AKCP did recommend extending their sensors using your structured cabling systems. AKCP...

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