Xsensior Lite

Frequently Asked Questions about the Xsensior Lite product.

What is the accuracy of the temperature measurement?

Temperature accuracy is +- 1.5 degrees.

Can I record the data over a period, lets say a month or a year?

Yes. You can record data over as long a period as you like. The only restriction is how much storage you have.

I have a vacation home and I would like to montor the temperature.

If you have an internet connection the Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi will be ideal for this application, and in fact will also alert you if the temperature drops too much and you'd be able to check the temperature online using the GoToMyDevice.com cloud service.

Which information is logged in the .csv files?

For a Xsensior L-1 sensor, the CSV files contain the following information:sensor identifier;sensor name;temperature probe identifier;temperature probe name;timestamp;probe type;units;value.If the sensor being exported is a Xsensior TH-1 sensor, in addition to the above the following information is exported: humidity probe identifier, humidity probe name, units, value. The sensor identifier is a unique number for the sensor. The probe identifier is a unique number for the probe.

I have 2 question.1.- You send to Mexico? 2.- Your software is compatible with windows 2008R2 with 64 bits architecture?

Yes we are able to ship to Mexico. Please bear in mind though that shipping costs may be relatively high. So for small light items such as Xsensior it may make sense to buy a Multipack rather than a single unit. The delivery cost would not be significantly different for several Xsensiors.Xsensior Lite is compatible with Windows 2008R2 64 bit Windows architecture.

Is there a possibility that the unit program automatically run during PC detects error or restarted?

The Xsensior software runs a Service in Windows so will always Restart when the machine reboots. The Interface does not need to be open for the alerts to be generated, There is no need to be logged into the machine.

How Long Does It Take to Install Xsensior Lite?

Note very long at all. Less than a couple of minutes or so.

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