Xsensior Lite

Frequently Asked Questions about the Xsensior Lite product.

Does Xsensior Lite Linux support?
No. Xsensior Lite supports Microsoft Windows only, so it will not work on Linux machines.
Is there anyway to set the alert emails to importance = High?
Xsensior only allows one level of alert, though you can change the alert text to indicate the level of the message. You can send a Test email to check the settings but there is no mechanism to schedule a Test message every week.
Does Xsensior Lite support on Windows 7 and 8?
Yes. Xsensior Lite supports Windows XP, Windows 7 Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 as well as the server software Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012.
Can Xsensior Lite write heat emergency alerts to the Windows Event Log?
Yes. The Xsensior Lite is able to send alerts to the Windows Event Log. You can specify whatever text you want using the built in templating language so you can specify whatever text you like.
Are the Xsensior Lite USB Temperature Monitor calibrated?
The sensor is pre-calibrated when manufactured.
Does the Xsensior Lite have an SNMP or command line interface?
Xsensior Lite connects to a USB port on a PC and does not support SNMP, nor does it have a command line interface.
Has this been tried in a USB port on a vmware esxi4.x host server, passing information onto a Windows Server 2008 R2 virtual client?
The Xsensior Lite has not been tested on vmware esxi4.x, though my understanding is that it will not work because vmware doesn't support USB pass through.
Does the Xsensior Lite need a special driver to be installed?
No. XSensior Lite does not require any special drivers to be installed.
Will the Xsensior Lite work under Windows 2008 R2 server?
Yes. Windows Server 2008 R2 is routinely used to test Xsensior Lite before release.
Does Xsensior Lite have an API?
There is no direct API but there is a continuous export feature which would allow you to integrate the Xsensior Lite with your software. The continuous export feature writes out the latest data out to a CSV file so that it can be read by a third party program.
Will the Xsensior Lite send an email alert even if it is not attached to a computer?
Xsensior Lite draws its power from the USB port and therefore needs to be connected to a PC for it to work.
Can you tell me how the email alerts work with the Xsensior Lite?
The Xsensior Lite software uses the SMTP standard for sending emails.
Can the Xsensior Lite be set to alert when the temperature goes out of a set range?
The Xsensior Lite will only send email alerts when the temperature is outside your defined range. The continuous setting means that the emails will be sent at predefined intervals until acknowledged. If the continuous setting is not set, then you would only receive one alert email.
Can the Xsensior Lite send alerts to more than one email address?
Yes. Xsensior Lite can send alerts to more than one email address, you simply have to type in the email addresses separated by commas.
Can I put the Xsensior Lite into an autoclave to monitor the temperature?
The Xsensior Lite's operating range is -30 to 70°C so the thermowell operating temperature of 121°C is well over the unit's operating temperature range.
Is it possible to read the temperature programmatically using the Xsensior Lite USB Thermometer?
Xsensior Lite is able to continuously export the current reading to a CSV file. You can monitor the CSV and read the most recent value from it.
How many email addresses can be addressed to the Xsensior Lite device?
There is no published limit for the number of email addresses that you can use. Practically speaking on a modern computer there is no practical limit.The Xsensior Lite itself cannot be accessed remotely, though if you can view the PC using a remote control solution, then it would be possible to take over the desktop and view it that way.
Will the Xsensior Lite work with Windows 8.1 and Server 2012?
Yes. Xsensior will work on Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012.
Can more than one Xsensior Lite USB thermometer be plugged into a single computer?
Yes. Multiple Xsensior Lite temperature only and temperature / humidity monitors can be plugged into the same PC.
How can i Buy it, can you send it to Nigeria By DHL ?
We cannot accept credit cards from Nigeria, but it may be possible to pay by other methods. Delivery of an Xsensior would be expensive by courier, probably more than the product itself, but it is certainly possible.
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