Can you tell me how the email alerts work with the Xsensior Lite?

The Xsensior Lite software uses the SMTP standard for sending emails. You need to enter the details of your SMTP server into the Xsensior Lite configuration, usually just the IP address/domain name. If your SMTP server requires authentication (and if it is outward facing on the Internet you really should) then you'll also need to enter your user name and password on the advanced configuration tab. If your existing email client is using SMTP to send emails like Thunderbird then replicate your existing details from your email client inside Xsensior Lite. You can easily test whether your email alerts are working within Xsensior Lite, you don't need to wait until a temperature emergency happens to see if things are configured correctly.

If you are using Outlook and Exchange then things might be slightly more complex. You may need to enable the SMTP module on your Exchange server. If you have a dedicated Exchange team they will be able to furnish you with all of the information you need.

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