Maximum cable distance for the sensor is stated as 30M but comes with 7.5m of cable. How is the extended distance achieved?

By design, external digital sensor cables are 25 feet in length and can be extended up to a supported 100 feet in total length.

To extend the sensor cable, you will need a RJ-11 cable with coupler, part number ECC-25E-SEN.

  1. Remove the external digital sensor to be extended by unplugging its RJ-11 cable from the front of the unit.
  2. Using a 25 foot RJ-11 cable with coupler, insert the RJ-11 connector into the AVTECH unit’s external sensor port.
  3. Plug the RJ-11 connector on the sensor cable to the extension cable.

If you wish to extend the sensor up to the supported 100 feet in length, multiple RJ-11 extension cables can be connected using the methods above.

We do not recommend extending a cable to a greater distance than 100 feet and do not support splicing or cutting into existing wires to shorten or lengthen the provided cable.

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