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Which environment monitors support a cellular modem?
All of the securityProbe monitors as well as the sensorProbe2+ and sensorProbeX+ can be fitted with an optional built-in cellular modem at order time. A built-in cellular modem cannot be added afterwards. However, the securityProbe monitors do support USB modems that can be fitted at any time.
What are encrypted SNMP traps?
When SNMP versions 1 and 2c were originally developed many years ago, SNMP did not include any ability to encrypt data contained within the SNMP datagrams or SNMP traps. Given that the data was never intended to flow across the public internet this was perhaps understandable. Today however security is of much greater concern for everybody. Consequently the SNMP standard has been updated to include encryption of SNMP datagrams and SNMP traps. Put simply, the SNMP traps can now encrypt the data element of the SNMP trap packet making the data secure from casual packet sniffers.
What is the Heat Index?
The heat index is a measure of what the temperature feels like to a person experiencing the temperature in the shade with a light wind. The heat index takes into account the temperature and humidity levels in order to approximate what the temperature will feel like.
What is Dew Point?
Dew point is the temperature to which air must be cooled to become saturated with water vapour.
What is an environment monitor?
An environment monitor is a tool for monitoring environmental factors including logging the data over time and alerting when the data goes outside an expected range.
What is a sensor?
Sensors are usually attached to an environment monitor in order for the environment monitor to log the data from the sensor. Each sensor type is designed to be capable of detecting a specific environmental factor such as temperature or air flow.
What is Installation Verification Testing?
Installation verification testing is an ASHRAE recommended method used to validate the environmental conditions that server room equipment is running within a cabinet.
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