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A place for all of your AVTECH Software related Frequently Asked Questions FAQ about the Room Alert range and the full range of sensors.

How long is the external temperature sensor that is bundled with the Room Alert 4E / 4ER, 12E / 12ER, 32E and 32W?

The bundled external temperature sensor supplied with the Room Alert 4E & 4ER, 12E / 12ER, 32E and 32W is 7.5m long.

What is RoomAlert.com?

AVTECH Software have recently renamed the GoToMyDevices.com service to RoomAlert.com. The RoomAlert.com service is a cloud based service for logging, alerting and reporting your environmental data recorded by your Room Alert monitors.

What is Dew Point?

Dew point is the temperature to which air must be cooled to become saturated with water vapour.

Is the Room Alert 32W still available?

No. The Room Alert 32W is no longer available. The Room Alert 32W has been replaced with a combination of the Room Alert 32E and the Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi.

Is the Room Alert 3E compatible with GMail SMTP?

It is complicated. See the full answer for more details...

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