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A place for all of your AVTECH Software related Frequently Asked Questions FAQ about the Room Alert range and the full range of sensors.

The AVTECH digital temp & rh sensor available with any other connectors other than the RJ11?
No. The AVTECH sensors have connectors wired so as to be compatible with the Avtech Room Alert devices. For the 'Digital' sensors these are RJ11 plugs.
Is the AVTECH Wireless Sensor Hub with Relay (WiSPR) compatibile with Wi-Fi?
No. The Room Alert 32W and the Wireless Sensor Hub uses a ZigBee based 2.4 Ghz wireless connection, not Wi-Fi 802.11, so is not compatible with WiFi. The Wireless Sensor Hub are only able to communicate with AVTECH Room Alert 32W units.
Can the Room Alert 4E send SMS alerts?
Yes. You can send SMS alerts using two methods: Use an email to SMS service that converts emails to SMS messages; or use the bundled Device ManageR software and purchase a SMS modem and the dial out plug-in.
I'm looking at how to use the Room Alert 3E remotely. Say maybe connect via USB to use a mobile phone to send an email on a daily basis as to the temperature at that time?
The Room Alert 3E has an IP address and can be made visible remotely like any other IP address, typically using Port Forwarding on the Router. Email alerts are standard and set up to use a normal SMTP mail server. If you want to add Schedules etc. you would need to add the Report Generator plug-in to Device ManageR.
Maximum cable distance for the sensor is stated as 30M but comes with 7.5m of cable. How is the extended distance achieved?
By design, external digital sensor cables are 25 feet in length and can be extended up to a supported 100 feet in total length. To extend the sensor cable, you will need a RJ-11 cable with coupler, part number ECC-25E-SEN
Is the AVTECH Room Entry Sensor - RMA-RE1-SEN compatible with Room Alert 3E?
Yes. The Room Entry sensor is a switch sensor and the Room Alert 3E has one switch port available in addition to the one digital sensor port.
Do you have this product available: TemPageR 3E and what is the price?
No. The TemPageR 3 is now discontinued by the manufacturer. The Room Alert 3E is the direct replacement.
Do customer need calibration for Avtech Room Alert?
The Room Alert models are calibrated at the factory and require no further calibration by the customer. However the software has an Adjust feature which allows you match the readings to a given reference thermometer.
Can we use the sensors of AKCP in AVTECH room alert 3 or 4E?
No. You can only use the AVTECH Software sensors with the Room Alert products. If you want to use a specific AKCP sensor, then you would need to use one of the ACKP sensorProbe models or one of the securityProbe models to attach it to.
Can we use any camera (video) with AVTECH?
The AXIS cameras are supported by the AVTECH Device ManageR software. The cameras do not integrate directly with the Room Alert monitors themselves. Other IP based cameras may work but we have not tested them so we cannot be absolutely sure that they are fully compatible.
Can high humidity set of the flood sensor to go in a false alarm? Humidity level is 55% to 60%
A 55% or 60% humidity should not cause a Flood sensor to alert. Typically you would need liquid to cause an alarm. If the Flood sensor has been contaminated with grease or dirt it may trigger a false alarm, or if the sensor is damaged.
Regarding the panic button, would the alarm be able to transmit to or notify a system in a separate building?
When the panic Button is pressed the attached Room Alert will raise an Alarm which continues until manually reset. You could connect the alert to a Light Tower or a Relay and switch on a remote system, or send an email or text alert.
For "switch port", does that mean something that would act as an open contact or similar - i.e. set off an external device - or specific sensors listed?
Yes, a switch port is a dry contact and can be set to be either normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC). You can either use the switch port as input or output.
Is the Room Alert 3E compatible with Office 365 SMTP?
No, not directly from the Room Alert 3E unit anyway. There are some workarounds...
What is the temperature range of the AVTECH Digitial Temperature Sensor?
The AVTECH Digital Temperature Sensor has a temperature range of -55 to 125°C / -67 to 257°F with an accuracy of ± 0.125 degrees.
What is the accuracy of an AVTECH Digital Temperature Sensor
The AVTECH Digital Temperature Sensor has an accuracy of  ± 0.125 degrees.
Is the Room Alert 11E still available?
No. The AVTECH Room Alert 11E environment monitor was discontinued a number of years ago and is no longer being manufactured. The Room Alert 11E was replaced by the Room Alert 12E.
What is the difference between digital and switch sensors?
AVTECH Software have a range of sensors that are compatible with the Room Alert range of environmental monitors. Each sensor has two types of sensor ports built in to them. The digital sensors are used to measure values over a defined range for example temperature and humidity. Switch sensors on the other hand only measure two states. They are either alerting or in a nominal state. Switch sensors include smoke, wetness and movement sensors among many others.
What does auto-sensing mean?
The monitoring device automatically detects that a sensor has been inserted into the unit and adds it to the embedded web server without user intervention. The type of sensor is also automatically detected. The monitor starts graphing values from the sensor immediately.
Is it possible to extend AVTECH sensors?
No. Most AVTECH sensors are available in a variety of different lengths so specify the length required when you purchase.
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