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A place for all of your AVTECH Software related Frequently Asked Questions FAQ about the Room Alert range and the full range of sensors.

What is GoToMyDevices.com?
GoToMyDevices.com is a cloud service operated by AVTECH Software supporting the Room Alert range of environmental monitors. The service optionally stores data from your Room Alerts and provides centralised data retention, reporting and alerting capabilities. GoToMyDevices.com has now been renamed to RoomAlert.com.
What is Device ManageR?
Device ManageR was a software product supplied with AVTECH Software's Room Alert environment monitors. The software was able to take data from a number of Room Alert monitors and provide central data storage, reporting and alerting facilities.
What is TemPageR?
TemPageR was a brand of environment monitors manufactured by AVTECH Software. AVTECH Software discontinued the range some years ago.
Is the Room Alert 24E still available?
The AVTECH Room Alert 24E environment monitor was obsoleted a number of years ago and is no longer being manufactured. The Room Alert 24E was replaced by the Room Alert 32E.
Is the Room Alert 7E still available?
No. AVTECH Software discontinued the Room Alert 7E some time ago. The Room Alert 7E was replaced by the Room Alert 12E.
Is the MUPS sensor compatible with a Room Alert 3E?
Yes. The Mini UPS sensor will connect to the Room Alert 3E using the switch port.
Can this unit send daily reports or logs to various email addresses?
The Room Alert monitors cannot send daily reports. However, you can send daily reports either by using the Report Generator Plug-in for Device ManageR or by using the reporting features built into RoomAlert.com Cloud Service.
Are the Room Alert SNMP MIBs available?
Yes. The MIBS are available from through the web interface of all Room Alert models supporting SNMP. The MIBs are also available from the RoomAlert.com download area. Alternatively, you can request a copy by emailing support.
Does the AVTECH unit come with maintenance?
Yes. The AVTECH Room Alert monitors are supplied with 12 months maintenance and support. This is renewable after that date for a small charge.
Can the email alert be set up so it notifies you if the temperature reaches over a set point?
Yes. You can alert on the threshold going over or under a range you specify.
I'm looking for a Room Alert sensor that can detect water coming into server room through underground?
The rope type water sensor would be best in this case. The rope flood sensor is available in lengths of 2.4m or 7.3m. The sensor fits on all Room Alerts.
Is it possible to send alerts through SMS and MMS?
You cannot send SMS or MMS directly from a Room Alert monitor.
Do I have to install special software so I can log in to the unit or it is IP based and can log in through any PC on the same network by writing the unit IP address on the internet browser?
The only software you need is the software you use to initlally assign the Room Alert monitor with an IP address on your network. After that you just browse to the IP address, log in and then you can see live sensor readings, graphs and configure alerts etc..
I want to track (and be able to graph) the evolution of temperature in a room over time. Am I correct that the Avtech Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi will allow this?
Yes. With the release of the version 2.0 firmware, the Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi is able to log and graph your data.
Can I use the Avtech Water Level Sensor (NC) to monitor the fuel level in the fuel tanker?
No. I would not recommend this sensor for use in a fuel tank. You would need to use one of the Fuel Level sensors for the AVTECH products. There are two versions, one is Normally Closed (NC) and the other is Normally Open (NO).
Is it possible to connect GSM modem directly to the Room Alert unit to send alert SMS directly without using Email-SMS service?
It is not possible to connect a GSM modem directly to the Room Alert. A better solution is to use the free Device ManageR software, the call out plugin and a USB SMS modem. You can then centralise data collection and alerting for all of your Room Alert monitors.
Does the Room Alert 4E support 2 digital probes?
The Room Alert 4E and 4ER has one internal temperature sensor, plus 3 external ports. Two of these external ports are digital ports and one is a switch port.
Does the AVTECH Flood sensor work with the AVTECH Room Alert 4E?
Yes. The Flood sensor fits on the 'switch' type port on the Avtech Room Alert 4E.
Is there a way to add moisture detection to the Avtech Room Alert 3E?
Yes. You can fit a Avtech spot flood sensor or Avtech rope flood sensor to the switch port on the Room Alert 3E.
The AVTECH digital temp & rh sensor available with any other connectors other than the RJ11?
No. The AVTECH sensors have connectors wired so as to be compatible with the Avtech Room Alert devices. For the 'Digital' sensors these are RJ11 plugs.
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