A place for all of your AKCP related Frequently Asked Questions FAQ about the sensorProbe, securityProbe and the full AKCP sensor range.

What is the difference between the AKCP sensorProbe and securityProbe ranges?
In very simple terms, the securityProbe range is more feature rich than the sensorProbe range. The sensorProbe range offers a more honed feature set and lacks some of the more advanced alerting options available on the securityProbe range like SMS text alerting. The securityProbe range also supports a wider range of sensors.
What is Akcess Pro Server
Akcess Pro server is a software product developed by AKCP to support their environment monitors. The software enables central data logging and alerting of sensorProbe and securityProbe monitors.
Do you have a din rail mounting kit that has a depth of 3.5" or less?
We can offer three models of rack mount kit. The Single 1U unit the Split 1U unit, half full depth, the other half shallower, and the Double 1U unit, full depth 1U wide.
Can you confirm does the AKCP sensorProbe2 Environment Monitor with PoE have a built in temperature sensor / included in the box or will we need to purchase a sensor in addition to the sensorprobe2?
No the sensorProbe2 does not include a sensor. You would need to add one or more sensors from the extensive range available.
Do the sensorProbe and securityProbe monitors require calibration?
AKCP temperature and humidity sensors have a quite high accuracy and are calibrated by the supplier of the sensor. In general they do not need much calibration. The user could carry out calibration to verify accuracy. If needed you can adjust using the "Reading Offset". There is also a calibration certificate available on request for the sensors.
Is it possible to extend AKCP sensors?
AKCP sensors all use RJ45 connectors and can be extended using standard CAT5 cable and one or more inline couplers up to a maximum distance of 100m.
Can the AKCP Split 1U Din Rail Rack Mount Kit be supplied with just a length of DIN rail?
The rack mounts are designed to fit a 19" rack. There is a model that is a continuous DIN Rail which may be the one you need.
What is the measurement range of the AKCP temperature sensor?
The AKCP Temperature Sensor has a temperature range of -55 to +125°C / -67 to +257°F with an accuracy of ±0.5°C from -10 to +75°C.
What is the accuracy of the AKCP temperature sensor?
The AKCP temperature sensors have an accuracy of ±0.5°C from -10 to +75°C.
Is it possible to use the sensorProbe2 to shutdown a series of three servers in a small server room?
Not directly or easily. None of the sensorProbe series products support switching off servers directly. It could be possible to send an email to a server and then have a job on the server wait for alert emails and then trigger the shutdown script.The securityProbe range provides a more direct solution as it is has a feature enabling it to shut down one or more servers. There is also a notification wizard for configuring the alarm actions. In this case you would need a temperature sensor, the alarm could then be configured to execute a series of shutdowns when the temperature goes above a given threshold.
Does the AKCP sensorprobe2 has the feature cut off the electricity by itself when my location has the problem with electricity?
If you want to control the power to a remote device in response to a temperature going too high you could connect a Relay Sensor to the SensorProbe and use that to switch the power.
What are the differences between the E-opto16 and dry contact points on X20 and X60 units?
The dry contact inputs on the X20 and X60 units can be switched from opto-isolated mode to non-opto isolated mode, where the E-opto16 inputs are all shipped as opto isolated and cannot be configured as non-opto isolated.
Can the AKCP sensorProbe2 record temperatures for at least 24 hours so we can see how the temperature behaves overnight?
Yes, The sensorProbe2 can send alerts, draw a graph of temperatures and archive data. It is also possible to export data from the unit to produce long term graphs.
Is it feasible to route sensor traffic over the network to a single sensorProbe unit so that I can get a view of all the sites status?
No. Only the securityProbe range is able to read information from remote sensorProbes using the Virtual Probe feature. If you wanted to merge information from a number of different sensorProbe units, you would need to either use a 3rd party SNMP based network monitoring application or AKCP's own management software, AKcess Pro server.
Can we connect the AKCP combined temperature/humidity sensor directly to the network?
The AKCP Temperature/Humidity sensor is only the sensing device, you need to use an AKCP main unit. The simplest (and cheapest) is the sensorProbe2. This will take up to 2 sensors and has its own IP address and software, it can be accessed over the Internet and the software enables you to set limits and receive email alerts when these limits are exceeded.
How do we trigger the A/V alarms based on the alarm condition our system generates?
I assume that you would like to be able to have the siren/strobe light activated by your existing alarm system. If you have a dry contact coming from your alarm system into a port on the sensorProbe, and the siren/strobe from another port on the sensorprobe...
Which environment monitors support a cellular modem?
All of the securityProbe monitors as well as the sensorProbe2+ and sensorProbeX+ can be fitted with an optional built-in cellular modem at order time. A built-in cellular modem cannot be added afterwards. However, the securityProbe monitors do support USB modems that can be fitted at any time.
What is the 4-20 mAmp converter used for?
The AKCP 4-20 mAmp converter is used to connect specialised sensors that are not available from AKCP. The 4-20 mAmp is a standard for highly precise sensors...
What is AKCPro Server?
AKCPro Server is a software application written by AKCP for logging and alerting you to environmental problems in your data center.
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