Frequently Asked Questions


Do you accept university Purchase Orders?
Yes. You can now purchase online using your university (or school or college) purchase order number.
What does Excl. Tax mean?
The tax in question is VAT or Value Added Tax. VAT is a tax that customers in the UK must pay when buying most goods or services. Goods shipped outside of the UK to VAT registered companies inside the European Union can also have the VAT deducted. VAT does not apply to sales outside the European Union. A price marked as Excl. Tax means that the price does not include VAT.
Do you offer reseller terms?
Yes. For more information about our offering for resellers, please see the What OPENXTRA offers resellers page.
What is VAT?
VAT stands for Value Added Tax. It is a tax applied to purchases in the UK and to the rest of the European Union (EU). The current VAT rate in the UK is 20%.
I am not in the UK, do I still need to pay VAT?
Customers based in the European Union (EU) with a valid VAT number can purchase VAT free so long as the goods are being delivered outside of the UK. You can enter your VAT number in the checkout (or when you create an account) and the VAT will be removed automatically. Please note that you need to provide your VAT number in full including your country code. The goods must be shipped outside of the UK.All customers outside the EU can purchase VAT free.All customers inside the UK, whether VAT registered or not, with product delivered to the UK must pay VAT.
Can I pay on Purchase Order?
Yes. You can checkout using your purchase order number. We will then validate your purchase to ensure it is genuine. We may need further details from you if you are a new customer. Things like who to contact for payment and such like.
How do I know that this website is owned/operated by OPENXTRA Limited?
If you look at the address bar of this browser window, you will see the website owner and in square brackets the 2 letter code of their country. This website uses an Extended Validation (EV) certificate to encrypt traffic between your browser and the website. Before an EV certificate is issued, the issuer must first validate the legal identity of the website owner as well as validating that the domain name is owned exclusively by the applicant.
I am in the UK, do I still need to pay VAT?
Yes. If the product is delivered to the UK, you must pay VAT.
I suppose purchases of UK products online from Singapore buyers still have to pay VAT?
The online shop supports shipping to Singapore. Orders from Singapore that are also delivered to Singapore do not have VAT added to the order.
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Do you accept PayPal?
Yes. OPENXTRA Ltd. has a verified account with PayPal and you can pay through this website using your PayPal account. To pay using PayPal, simply place the products you wish to buy into your basket, go through to the checkout and select PayPal as your purchasing method.
How do you process my credit card?
All credit cards are processed using the Braintree payment provider. Braintree is owned by PayPal.
Are you PCI-DSS compliant?
Yes. All websites that process credit cards need to be compliant to some degree. This website does not process credit cards directly, our payment provider integrates closely with the site and handles credit cards processing. The payment provider is also PCI-DSS compliant, but to a much more onerous degree than this website because they directly process your credit card details.
Which cards do you accept?
We are able to accept VISA, Mastercard and American Express.
Are my payment details secure?
Yes. All website traffic is encrypted between you and the website. All communication between this website, you and Braintree, our payment provider, is also secure.
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Shipping and Delivery
To which countries do you ship?
We are happy to accept online orders to all EU countries, Norway and North America. We regularly do business with customers in Asia and Africa but we prefer to handle those orders personally. Please get in touch if you're are based in Asia or Africa.
How do I know when an item is in stock?
On the product page at the top right hand corner in stock products have In Stock (in green text) in the stock status section.
Can you tell me when an out of stock product comes back into stock?
Yes. The website is able to notify you when a product comes back into stock. Simply click the Notify me when this product is in stock link on the product page, and you will be notified by email when the product is next in stock.
What do the product availability statuses mean?
In Stock - This product is in stock. Available in ;- This product is out of stock but will be dispatched within the specified period. Special Order ;- This product is not stocked by us and is ordered from the manufacturer, in some cases, this product maybe made to order. Downloadable - This product is software and can be downloaded.Also during checkout you may see Estimated Dispatch in. - There is currently not enough stock available to fulfill this order. Your order will be processed as soon as enough stock becomes available. Please note that these indicators cannot be guaranteed to be 100% accurate as they are subject to alteration when we process orders, not when orders are placed. Occasionally we receive an order by phone or email just prior to your order being placed on the website but before we are able to update the stock level on the website. Orders are shipped in a strict first come first served basis.
How long does delivery to the UK take with UPS Express if we order today?
UPS Express is a next day service. If the product is in stock (I don't know which product you are referring to) then the product would go out today and you should receive it tomorrow. Some products are made to order by the manufacturer like the AKCP ...
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How can I get assistance if I need it?
First port of call should be the support section, including a knowledge base and FAQ. You can also contact us via phone and email. We are always happy to help.
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I want to return my purchase. What do I do?
Please get in touch to arrange a return. We'll give you a RMA number we'd appreciate it if you would attach the RAM number to the return packaging. Helps us process the return for you as quickly as possible. The terms for returns are set out in more detail in the terms & conditions.
How long does it take to get a refund?
In the vast majority we process returns in less than five working days. How long a refund takes to reach you depends upon the payment method used.
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How do I unsubscribe from the newsletter?
Simply press the unsubscribe button at the bottom of one of the newsletters.
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What is the difference between the AKCP sensorProbe and securityProbe ranges?
In very simple terms, the securityProbe range is more feature rich than the sensorProbe range. The sensorProbe range offers a more honed feature set and lacks some of the more advanced alerting options available on the securityProbe range like SMS text alerting. The securityProbe range also supports a wider range of sensors.
What is Akcess Pro Server
Akcess Pro server is a software product developed by AKCP to support their environment monitors. The software enables central data logging and alerting of sensorProbe and securityProbe monitors.
Do you have a din rail mounting kit that has a depth of 3.5" or less?
We can offer three models of rack mount kit. The Single 1U unit the Split 1U unit, half full depth, the other half shallower, and the Double 1U unit, full depth 1U wide.
Can you confirm does the AKCP sensorProbe2 Environment Monitor with PoE have a built in temperature sensor / included in the box or will we need to purchase a sensor in addition to the sensorprobe2?
No the sensorProbe2 does not include a sensor. You would need to add one or more sensors from the extensive range available.
Do the sensorProbe and securityProbe monitors require calibration?
AKCP temperature and humidity sensors have a quite high accuracy and are calibrated by the supplier of the sensor. In general they do not need much calibration. The user could carry out calibration to verify accuracy. If needed you can adjust using the "Reading Offset". There is also a calibration certificate available on request for the sensors.
Is it possible to extend AKCP sensors?
AKCP sensors all use RJ45 connectors and can be extended using standard CAT5 cable and one or more inline couplers up to a maximum distance of 100m.
Is it possible to use the sensorProbe2 to shutdown a series of three servers in a small server room?
Not directly or easily. None of the sensorProbe series products support switching off servers directly. It could be possible to send an email to a server and then have a job on the server wait for alert emails and then trigger the shutdown script.The securityProbe range provides a more direct solution as it is has a feature enabling it to shut down one or more servers. There is also a notification wizard for configuring the alarm actions. In this case you would need a temperature sensor, the alarm could then be configured to execute a series of shutdowns when the temperature goes above a given threshold.
Does the AKCP sensorprobe2 has the feature cut off the electricity by itself when my location has the problem with electricity?
If you want to control the power to a remote device in response to a temperature going too high you could connect a Relay Sensor to the SensorProbe and use that to switch the power.
What are the differences between the E-opto16 and dry contact points on X20 and X60 units?
The dry contact inputs on the X20 and X60 units can be switched from opto-isolated mode to non-opto isolated mode, where the E-opto16 inputs are all shipped as opto isolated and cannot be configured as non-opto isolated.
Can the AKCP sensorProbe2 record temperatures for at least 24 hours so we can see how the temperature behaves overnight?
Yes, The sensorProbe2 can send alerts, draw a graph of temperatures and archive data. It is also possible to export data from the unit to produce long term graphs.
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AVTECH Software
What is is a cloud service operated by AVTECH Software supporting the Room Alert range of environmental monitors. The service optionally stores data from your Room Alerts and provides centralised data retention, reporting and alerting capabilities. has now been renamed to
What is Device ManageR?
Device ManageR was a software product supplied with AVTECH Software's Room Alert environment monitors. The software was able to take data from a number of Room Alert monitors and provide central data storage, reporting and alerting facilities.
What is TemPageR?
TemPageR was a brand of environment monitors manufactured by AVTECH Software. AVTECH Software discontinued the range some years ago. The TemPageR range was replaced by the Room Alert series.
Is the Room Alert 24E still available?
The AVTECH Room Alert 24E environment monitor was obsoleted a number of years ago and is no longer being manufactured. The Room Alert 24E was replaced by the Room Alert 32E.
Is the Room Alert 7E still available?
No. AVTECH Software discontinued the Room Alert 7E some time ago. The Room Alert 7E was replaced by the Room Alert 12E.
Is the MUPS sensor compatible with a Room Alert 3E?
Yes. The Mini UPS sensor will connect to the Room Alert 3E using the switch port.
Can this unit send daily reports or logs to various email addresses?
The Room Alert monitors cannot send daily reports. However, you can send daily reports either by using the Report Generator Plug-in for Device ManageR or by using the reporting features built into Cloud Service.
Is it possible to send alerts through SMS and MMS?
You cannot send SMS or MMS directly from a Room Alert monitor.
Do I have to install special software so I can log in to the unit or it is IP based and can log in through any PC on the same network by writing the unit IP address on the internet browser?
The only software you need is the software you use to initlally assign the Room Alert monitor with an IP address on your network. After that you just browse to the IP address, log in and then you can see live sensor readings, graphs and configure alerts etc..
Are the Room Alert SNMP MIBs available?
Yes. The MIBS are available from through the web interface of all Room Alert models supporting SNMP. The MIBs are also available from the download area. Alternatively, you can request a copy by emailing support.
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Do any of your power control switches include SMS control in addition to IP access?
The IP Power switches can be controlled using a Smartphone browser with Internet access. The PowerTxt and PowerTxtDuo use a SIM card. There is no single model that has both interfaces.
Do you have these with UK 3 pin sockets ?
Yes. We supply these with either a UK or an EU power supply depending on where the customer is located, and can also supply with the C13 power supplies to connect devices as in this link Aviosys IP Power 9258S.
Which operating systems the NetPower is compatible with?
The NetPower is compatible with Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7.
What use current temperature meter?
The idea is that by monitoring voltage and current you can measure the energy use of the attached device.
All of our power is from 16A or 32A Commando Sockets would Aviosys be able to use this device?
Yes, you just need a commando socket with a C13 (kettle type) power lead to plug into the Aviosys device and a commando socket at the other end of the power lead.
Is the Aviosys 9258-1U available?
No. Aviosys ceased manufacturing the IP9258-1U some time ago. They have replaced it with the IP9820 unit.
Is the Aviosys 9258-DS still available?
No. Aviosys ceased manufacture some time ago. It has been replaced by the IP9820 unit.
Is the Aviosys 9258-PRO still available?
No. Aviosys ceased manufacture some time ago. It has been replaced by the IP9820 unit.
Which Aviosys power switches support recycling power on network failure?
Many of the Aviosys models have an auto ping feature. The units are able to continuously ping an external ip address of your choosing. If one or more pings fail, then you can specify which port you want to have the power recycled ie switched off then on again. The port you choose should be the power port of your broadband router.
Does the IP9258UK connect to the network using RJ45 or wireless?
The IP9258UK connects to the network using an RJ45 connector only. It does not support wireless.
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Environment Monitoring
Do you have a temperature sensor (and connecting lead) which is suitable for burying in road / pavement?
There is a waterproof version of the Temperature sensor, TMPW15 that may be rugged enough to survive being buried. I would recommend placing it in a protective tube for added protection. The sensor can connect to any monitor in the securityProbe or sensorProbe ranges.
I'm looking for a server room monitor that can monitor three conditions: Temperature, Water and Smoke. Is there any way your unit could perform that function while remaining cost effective?
We do have a cost-effective AKCP monitor but there are limitations as to the number of sensors that can be attached. The AKCP sensorProbe2 will monitor a variety of parameters but can only take up to 2 probes maximum, so you would require 2 of these to monitor. An alternative is the AKCP sensorProbe2+ which supports up to 4 sensors.
What is your cheapest option to monitor temperature in two adjacent server rooms?
The cheapest rack mountable unit is the AVTECH Room Alert 4ER, non-rack mountable options are between the AKCP sensorProbe2 and the AVTECH Room Alert 3E. All are ethernet devices and all can send alert emails to one or more addresses. All support a wide range of sensors.
What does NO and NC mean?
Normally Open (NO) and Normally Closed (NC) terms refer to type of dry contact or wet contact. Put very simply, a Normally Open sensor will have no current when in a normal state but when it enters an alarm state it will have +5V applied to the circuit. A Normally Closed sensor will have +5V applied when in a normal state but when it enters an alarm state it will have 0V applied to it.
What is encrypted email?
When you send email using regular SMTP servers the email you send is sent plain text over the network. Plain text means that, with proper network sniffiing tools, the email can be read by anybody with access to the network traffic. The internet was a much more naive place when the original SMTP standard was developed. It has since been enhanced to include an option to encrypt the email traffic when it is sent from the email client to the server.
What are encrypted SNMP traps?
When SNMP versions 1 and 2c were originally developed many years ago, SNMP did not include any ability to encrypt data contained within the SNMP datagrams or SNMP traps. Given that the data was never intended to flow across the public internet this was perhaps understandable. Today however security is of much greater concern for everybody. Consequently the SNMP standard has been updated to include encryption of SNMP datagrams and SNMP traps. Put simply, the SNMP traps can now encrypt the data element of the SNMP trap packet making the data secure from casual packet sniffers.
What is the Heat Index?
The heat index is a measure of what the temperature feels like to a person experiencing the temperature in the shade with a light wind. The heat index takes into account the temperature and humidity levels in order to approximate what the temperature will feel like.
What is Dew Point?
Dew point is the temperature to which air must be cooled to become saturated with water vapour.
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Would Envirotxt GSM Temperature Monitor be communicating with a live app and send the data logger over to the cloud?
EnviroTXT would only send a text when the temperature exceeds a set threshold. or when power is lost or restored. It does not report readings continuously. For devices that log data you would need to look at the Room Alert range.
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NETIO Products
What is Lua?
Lua is an easy to use and learn scripting language that has proven to be a particularly popular way to add scripting to applications. The NETIO 4C power switch can be extended using Lua scripts and the unit includes a script editor implemented inside the web based interface of the switch.
What is MQTT?
Message Queuing Telemetry Transport or just MQTT is a ISO standard (ISO/IEC PRF 20922) publish-subscribe-based messaging protocol. It works on top of the TCP/IP protocol. It is designed for connections with remote locations where a "small code footprint" is required or the network bandwidth is limited.
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