Envirotxt GSM Temperature Monitor

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Simple out of band temperature and power monitor for locations without a network access point.

  • Simple GSM based power presence and temperature monitor
  • Built-in temperature sensor, includes 1 x 1m external temperature sensor
  • Advanced alerting by SMS
  • Simple, no hassle installation. Completely out of band solution

Have you got a location too far from a network point, too remote or too difficult to reach? You need Envirotxt. Do you need to know the temperature in your computer suite, warehouse, outbuilding, holiday home, or granny flat? Has there been a power outage? Has the power been restored? Get the answer to these questions and more without leaving your desk or getting in the car.

Envirotxt is completely wireless and network independent, it only requires a SIM card and mains power.

  • Zero configuration. Envirotxt just plugs in to a mains socket
  • Monitors Temperature and Power outages
  • Includes an additional 1 metre remote Temperature sensor
  • No local Area Network needed. Envirotxt uses the GSM network to communicate and generate alerts
  • Sends a text alert at a predefined temperature, too hot or too cold, from -10C to +50C
  • Send texts to one Master user plus 2 additonal numbers
  • Quad band for worldwide operation
  • Accepts all SIM cards (not digital only networks, such as Three)
  • Available with UK, EU, US and AUS plug types
More Information
Connectivity GSM
Built-in Sensors


Max External Sensors

1 x Temperature Sensor

External Sensors Supplied


Mounting Options Wall
Logging No
User Interface Text
Alerting SMS
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