sensorProbe+ Monitors

The AKCP sensorProbe+ monitors sit between the more basic features of the sensorProbe monitors and the fully featured securityProbe monitors. All sensorProbe+ models all feature auto detecting sensors, making adding extra sensors as easy as plugging it into an available port.

The sensorProbe+ range are highly capable environment monitors with a huge number of options.

Sensors Options

The AKCP sensorProbe+ range supports a wide range of sensors. The table below outlines which sensors are supported by which AKCP sensorProbe+ monitor.

  sensorProbe2+ sensorProbeX+
  sensorProbe2+ sensorProbeX+
Temperature Yes Yes
Temperature / Humidity Yes Yes
Air Flow Yes Yes
Digital Voltmeter Yes Yes
Dry Contact Yes Yes
Smoke Yes Yes
Motion Yes Yes
Mains Power Yes Yes
Security Yes Yes
Spot Flood Yes Yes
Rope Flood Yes Yes
ropeFuel Yes Yes
Temperature Thermal Map Yes Yes
Temperature / Humidity Thermal Map Yes Yes
DaisyTemp No No
K-type Thermocouple Adatper No No
J-type Thermocouple Adatper No No
4-20 mAmp Converter No No

AKCP sensorProbe+ Feature Summary

  sensorProbe2+ sensorProbeX+
Mounting Wall / 0U Rack
Sensor Ports
(inc. dry contact sensors)
4 8
Extended Dry Contact Inputs 0 Up to 120
Built-in Sensors None None
Supplied External Sensors None None
Video Support None None

AKCP sensorProbe+ Monitors

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