Environment Monitors

What is an Environment Monitor?

Environment monitors give you real time visibility of your server room environment and infrastructure. Not only can you know what the current state of your environment is, you can also go through historical data to find trends and diagnose problems.

In addition environment monitors also deliver real time alerting. Server room environments are highly sensitive. Heightened temperature or humidity or water ingress are serious issues requiring immediate remediation. Environment monitors can alert you to problems proactively helping you to minimise system downtime.

Environment Monitor Choice

If you need help building a system to match your requirements, we are happy to create a free detailed system specification and quote tailored to your exact requirements.

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  1. AVTECH Room Alert 12E
    AVTECH Room Alert 12E
    Special Price £550.80 £459.00 Regular Price £598.80
  2. AVTECH Room Alert 12ER
    AVTECH Room Alert 12ER
    Special Price £582.60 £485.50 Regular Price £630.60
  3. AVTECH Room Alert 32E
    AVTECH Room Alert 32E
    Special Price £864.60 £720.50 Regular Price £912.60
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We can also supply UK, European or US style power supplies for most products.